Evaluating Quentin Thomas, Part II

Since Quentin Thomas committed to North Carolina in late September, Tar Heel fans have wanted to know just how good this West Coast floor general really is. Opinions across the country certainly vary, but who better to evaluate the 6-2, 175-point point guard than the college coaches who intensely scouted him on the recruiting trail?

If you go by the rankings, Quentin Thomas is No. 50 (Dave Telep, TheInsidersHoops.com), No. 44 (Prep Stars), No. 32 (Hoopmasters.com) or even No. 119 (Rivals.com).

But everyone knows that recruiting rankings aren't the best way to analyze a player's game. Some analysts might have only seen a great outing, or a poor outing -- or none at all. And, in the end, other than for comparison's sake what does a number really tell you anyway?

So, Inside Carolina turned to those who had watched Thomas extensively.

First, his high school coach ... 'He has that gift of passing'

Then, recruiting analysts that had logged long hours on the road watching Thomas play everywhere from California to New Jersey to Delaware to Nevada ... Evaluating Quentin Thomas

The final group, and in fact the most important, are the college coaches themselves. If anyone has extensively watched Thomas it's the coaches who spend endless hours in high school and AAU gyms first deciding whether they want to recruit him and then in some cases trying to lure him to commit to their school.

Due to NCAA guidelines, their quotes must remain anonymous, but these four coaches all belong to major hoops conferences and big-time basketball programs.

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