UNC-Maryland post-game: Ralph Friedgen

Terps' head coach addresses the media following Saturday's game...

Opening Comment:
"I thought our offense played very, very well. I think they went out and played the way they are capable of playing. I want to give special mention to the offensive line, because they had a tough week just like we all did. I think any time you run the ball and throw the ball as well as we did, someone there is doing something that's right. It gives them character. I know it was important for them to do well today. I was worried about this game very, very much. Carolina is a team that play's hard - I thought they played hard today."

On the Terps' offensive attack:
"If you have good coverage, that dictates where the ball is going. Our whole offense is not saying, `We're going to throw the ball to Steve Suter, or we're going to throw the ball to Jo Jo Walker.' Sometimes you can get them with the first read, but what happens when you take that away? You have to be ready to go somewhere else."

On his outlook for the game:
"I thanked the kids after the game because I was worried I wasn't reaching them. They needed something like this to help them get their confidence. I told them last night that I just wanted them to play with their hearts and pride - pride in themselves, pride in their team, pride in their unit, pride in their condition - and do it for 60 minutes and have fun. I said let's not play the game like we have a 100-pound weight on their shoulders."

On facing upcoming opponent Virginia:
"The thing about the Virginia game - it's now a rivalry. Before we got here it was 10-straight years where we hadn't beaten Virginia. I think it's good for the conference. I'm sure [Virginia] had a big circle on the calendar for us last year. It's going to be a good, hard-hitting football game. The stadium is going to be electric. They are going to be jammed in the seats all over this place. It's what I envision football should be at Byrd Stadium. And I think our kids will be ready to play."

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