UNC-Maryland post game: Maryland players

Maryland players address the media following Saturday's game...

Quarterback Scott McBrien

On his career day:
"I felt like I didn't have anything to lose. That's how I approached this game today. I felt very comfortable coming into the game. I was very loose, I wasn't uptight and I was just going out there and throwing the ball and I wasn't worried if it was going to be caught, dropped or intercepted. I went out there and winged it. I was comfortable in my reads and I was going to the right receivers and they made great plays for me."

Wide receiver Steve Suter

On the offensive outburst:
"This is what we've been shooting for all year and we finally got everything rolling on all cylinders. Everything was clicking and that's what we can do when we play well. The defense was getting turnovers and we were able to capitalize on them. Anytime we come out and put up that much offense, teams are going to have to take notice."

Placekicker Nick Novak

"The offense has finally showed some signs of life. Our receivers showed a high level of confidence. Everyone just went out and had fun while playing hard. I think other games some players were real tense. All phases of the game looked sharp because everyone was doing their job."

On the upcoming Virginia game:
"I'm really looking forward to the Virginia game. I really wanted to be perfect today. I have had too many two for three games, I just wanted to give everything I had. I really focused in on my kick-offs, because their returner is dangerous. I just wanted to put it in the end zone. I was pretty happy with my performance."

Cornerback Domonique Foxworth

On his key interception:
"It is really nice to feel that I made a pivotal play in this big game and helped turn the game around. I fell really proud about that, but I give credit to the whole defensive line. We were in cover one so it wasn't even my man but Dennard had him pretty well covered and he was pushed outside which allowed me to make that interception."

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