UNC-Maryland post game: UNC players

UNC players address the media following Saturday's game...

Linebacker Larry Edwards
"Myself being a freshman, I'm trying to help the seniors get what they deserve. They've been here four and five years. I feel like I owe it to them to go out and play my best. This game was a real big letdown for the whole team. A lot of the seniors are leaders – especially Dexter Reid. He's one of the people I look up to on this team, and I just want to play my hardest for him. When we play like this, it's disappointing to all the players and the coaches. Hopefu\lly, in my time here, it will never be like this again. We're just going to come out and play hard against Wake Forest next week, I hope. We just have to focus on things and block this out. Coach Bunting always tells us to focus on things. We can't act like it never happened, but at the same time, we can't dwell on this loss either. We've just got to come out prepared. Preparation is the key. We prepared good, but we just didn't execute this week."

Quarterback Darian Durant
"We just have to play both the sides of the ball. The defense has got to stop them and the offense has got to score. We started off real well in the first quarter, but we just didn't finish the game. It's tough, but we know it's a 60-minute game. We can't worry about what happens in the first quarter and keep our poise in the second."

Free safety Dexter Reid
"As Coach Bunting emphasized at the end of the game, the defense stopped competing in the second quarter. I don't know the reason. I'm not going to sit here and make excuses for why the defense is not making plays. There were changes, and we just didn't respond well. I missed a crucial tackle on a flare that went for a big score. This game is all about making plays and we didn't make plays."

Cornerback Chris Hawkins
"Every once and a while we give up a big play. When we stop that, we'll be where we want to be. I feel like we're in the right position and we've got the right calls. We're not making the plays; that's all. I have no explanation. If I knew that, then we would be making them."

Wide receiver Jawarski Pollock
"We didn't feel any extra pressure to get big chunks of yards, because our offense needs to dink and dunk down the field and get sustained drives to keep our defense off the field. Coach said at halftime that this was a gut-check – time to see what we're made of. Do not give up and go out and play with everything that you've got. He said that we didn't execute as well on offense in the second quarter and that we need to work on that. They got momentum and they ran with it. We didn't give up on offense or defense. The play that I fumbled on gave them an extra momentum boost."

Wide receiver Mike Mason
"We get more frustrated every week. We practice so hard and we always start out good. We were keeping up with them at first. I thought we could [hang] in there all game and things just went downhill. They told us we had to come back out hard and don't give up. Never give up, play hard, [and] go all out. They told us we have to go out and execute all our plays, play like we're supposed to play...with a lot of heart."

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