Blue-White: Roy Williams Quotes

Opening Statement:

"I talked to the guys before hand, our whole purpose was to try to get more out of it than we would a practice. I talked in terms of a glorified practice as what we were trying to get out of it. In a lot of ways we did; I think when you put a whole group of people in the stands that you tend to have a lot of game slippage and the guys forget the things you work on in practice. We've had 13 practices. Needless to say, we are not ready to run the ball like I want to, it is a difficult thing, even now, to get it out of the net as fast as I want them to get it out and its something that we will continue to work on and try to get better at, but I liked the idea- I thought we had a better shot selection. One team was 6-11 from three point line, the other team was 2-2 because I don't like three point shots unless its great shooters wide open. I think they've gotten adjusted to that part of it, but 13 practices; thank goodness we don't have to play a game today because we have a long ways to go.

"I was probably more pleased with Jackie Manuel than anybody. I think he did some nice things; slashed into the basket trying to run and hopefully we can continue some of those kind of things. Justin Bohlander did some nice things. Sean did not hurt his bad foot. He got kicked on the other foot in the same spot about three times in a row so I decided not to play him the last seven minutes, but there is always worry, nobody's heart jumps into their throat as much as it does mine, but at the same time it's the other foot and if I had to pick one guy that has had a better preseason than anybody, I'd probably pick Sean. But I felt good about what they've done through the first 13 practices and hopefully by the time we talk again next Saturday, we'll be better than we were today."

On their defensive progression:

"They are coming along better, but still that was only five practices ago when we talked. I'm no miracle worker and neither are they. I think the big thing is to take the work from drills and put it into a game like situation and that's what we're working on trying to do a better job today."

On being the "savior" and expectations:

"I'm not a miracle worker. I think just because we changed head coaches doesn't mean that all of a sudden those are going to turn into undefeated seasons. I think that our kids are trying really hard, but we do have short-comings. We don't have any depth at the point guard or at the big positions inside scoring and so we're going to have tough days and up and downs. I do hope that people will be a little more realistic with their expectations and I'm not going to change things over night. We didn't shoot it as well last season as we wanted to, we didn't defend as well as we wanted to last year. We've got to do both of those a heck of a lot better."

On depth- and the running clock:

"I'm not so sure if the blue/white game has lost a little bit of its value. You used to have the blue/ white game because you had no exhibition games and you needed to get the guys in front of a crowd to see what kind of "game slippage" that Coach Smith always talked about and you needed to see how much that was. Now you have two exhibition games- the reason I kept stressing to our guys to get more out of this than practice is because deep down I really don't think you can because I can't stop them and point out their mistakes and adjust and change it right then and correct behavior right then. Two exhibition games really give you a lot better feel. It was hard today because we don't have enough post players to field two teams especially if you have to have a substitute but that part was difficult."

On Melvin Scott:

"I thought Melvin, looking at his stats was 5-10, 3-6 from the three point line. He's got to get smarter at the end. I think Melvin is going to like the running game because he does like to run out ahead and stretch the defense out and he's played a heck of a lot of games at the one spot- which he'll spend more of his time at the two. Nice youngster - trying to do what we want him to do.

I'd like for him to be a better ball handler but we've spent a lot of time with him at the point in our practices and he knows that he's going to play that role some and I think that he's adjusted. A lot of it with some kids is maturity and confidence and I think he's gaining in both areas there."

On Rashad McCants injury:

"Rashad hasn't practiced in four practices at all and its definitely costing him, he's getting behind. I think Rashad is going to be a great great player for us. Its very difficult to get this far behind and be able to perform as early. I don't know if we'll let him go the first couple of days- he's got a really bad quad strain and it is a bad one. I feel for him just as much as I do for our team, but he's getting further and further behind- no question there."

Reaction around campus:

"I think everybody is hungry for North Carolina basketball to start; really hungry to be a little more successful and I think you do get a little more enthusiasm to get a new coach in town whether or not I deserve it. They can't be nearly as anxious to start as I am, but I'd like to have about 15 more great practices before we do that."

On Damion Grant:

"We're still holding him out for a little longer. We've got two doctors with two opinions and we've got to get those doctors together to decide when we're going get him to start him again. But I don't see him being able to start practice by the start of the season."

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