UNC-ECU Locker room report

Quotes from UNC players after the ECU game

Willie Parker

On the turnaround from 0-3 to 3-3

"I knew we had a great team, I thought we would have a better record, but we have to settle for what we've got. We have to keep going from here, we have a great team."

Sam Aiken

On the recovery of the on-side kick

"I had to make a play, and secure the football. If they had of gotten, they could have run down a score a field goal."

Did he think this team would turn it around like this?

"Yes, because of our hard work in practice, that was one of goals, to even up at three-and-three, and also we just have the courage. This is a big turnaround for us."

On his long catch

"I saw Ronald Curry scramble, and I broke coverage and went back further, and he tossed it to me. In practice we have been talking about the receivers step up and make plays."

On playing East Carolina

"It is just another game."

On the two quarterback rotation

"Both of them do a great job. Both of them bring different strategies to the game. "

Dexter Reid

On the momentum change following his interception

"Any turnover can change the momentum of the game. Whether it is on the plus forty or the negative forty. We also try create turnovers. That was good, they were driving at the time, I think they were down to the thirty-yard line. That got us off the field and got our offense on the field, and I think they ended up scoring off that turnover."

On ECU's early success in the first quarter on offense

"I don't think we came out there ready to play. Those first two drives, I think we were lackadaisical, weren't playing with any enthusiasm, and we weren't tackling. We weren't getting the guy on the ground."

On the defensive backs first interception of the season

"Maybe that broke the ice for us."

Andre Williams

"I think East Carolina had a great defense. They played hard, and they weren't trying to give us nothing."

"The offensive line getting better every week, maybe every day. Every day in practice they are working hard. We have become more of a team."

Kory Bailey

On Derrick Johnson stripping Art Brown on an apparent kickoff return for a touchdown

"We needed that. When you need good luck and you get it, it is a great feeling."

On ECU's early success in the first quarter on offense

"We knew it was going to happen, they have a great offense, and David (Garrard) is a great quarterback."

On winning three games in a row to pull even at 3-3

"It is the perfect situation for us now. We're even, we have chance going into a big ACC game against Virginia, to turn the corner and make this a winning team. It is going to be a big test for us, because no one here has ever beaten Virginia and we are really fired up to play them, especially here at home."

"I just think it is great the way we have been able to stick together and fight hard in every game."

What has made the difference?

"It's him (Coach Bunting), it's our strength coach, Coach Connors, it's the staff, they won't let quit, they won't let us not fight, even the games we lost they wouldn't let us stop fighting. And we won't let ourselves stop fighting; I think that is a great tribute to this team."

On the two-quarterback rotation

"It is working out really well. It puts us in a win-win situation, especially when they are both playing well. Because you can't complain about anybody being in there when they are playing well. There is no let down, everybody is playing hard when both of them are in, it is working really well for us."

On the ECU rivalry

"It was hard for me to understand the intensity of this rivalry, because I had seen or even heard of an UNC-ECU game but you always here of how despised we are down in Greenville and our fans don't like them either."

Derrick Johnson

On stripping the ball on the kickoff return

"When you practice techniques like that all the time, most the time when you get in a game situation it becomes second nature, that is where my second nature took over, when I got up on him and knocked the ball out, that was like instinct to knock the ball out."

"I kinda of figured that this year that I was probably going to get a strip. Just because my friend Dexter Reid says, I was known for stripping people, so I was pretty sure that sometime this season I was going to get a strip."

How does that compare as a big play for a cornerback?

"Everybody dreams about taking a interception down the sidelines for ninety yards, but that is up there."

Did the ECU offense surprise the UNC defense?

"Their offense was pretty good. Garrad the quarterback is a big guy, had a strong arm, and runs their offense pretty well. The running back ran real hard, out of all the teams we've played, I would have to say he ran the ball real well."

Ryan Sims

On Derrick Johnson's play

"I was on the sidelines. My heart was beating, he made a big play. Good teams make big plays when it counts. I was shocked at first, I thought he scored. When it rolled out I was excited. It helped our team to step it."

On ECU's early success running the ball

"They hit us right between our one technique and our five, where there is bubble, a natural running seam. And he is a great back, I mean he made people miss and then he would fall forward. We would hit him and he would fall forward for four yards."

"We came out kind of lackadaisical. I mean we were down, and didn't come out the way we should have. And we knew these guys were going to come out and play with us. So we had to step it up to another level, and then our coaches changed up at halftime and that helped a lot."

On UNC's "luck changing"

It feels great. It always feels better when you win. Like they say, a good team finds a way to win. Hopefully, this is just showing us we are a good team. You need a little luck to throughout the season to end up 9-3 like we want to be.





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