Clint's Notebook: Marcus Ginyard

<i>Inside Carolina</i>'s Clint Jackson has been watching Marcus Ginyard for a number of years and since Ginyard's game has matured, it calls for an updated version of his scouting report ...

6-5, 200
Arlington (Va.) O'Connell

One of the first things you'll notice is his body. Ginyard is strong, lean and cut. Very little body fat on this 2005 G/F. He's active, almost hyper-active, on the floor. Seems to take his defense seriously as he gets set, moves his feet and has his hands in the passing lanes all of the time. He's certainly a fan of playing with passion. And he plays with consistent energy.

Ginyard is unselfish and savvy. He seems to know where to place the ball to create a good angle for his teammates and directs motion and clear outs for the best interest of his team. He's equally capable of playing any of the three perimeter positions, including point guard. Seems to be able to run the offense as well as score from the wings.

We love the versatility and eagerness to play the position that his team needs him to play. He can play three positions at the highest level in college. And he will defend three positions on the floor. Plus, he'll get in there and grab some rebounds.

He handles the ball well enough slide over to point guard duties and even runs the point for his high school and AAU team when needed. Motors up the floor with his head up and spots the open man. Can go equally well left or right and has a nice burst on his first step. Uses changing speeds off the dribble to keep the defender off balance. Likes to go to the hoop -- and has the athletic ability to finish. His handle gives him the ability to navigate through pressure and get into the lane at will. Has a knack for drawing the defense in close before whipping a quick and precise pass to the open man.

Makes his team better. Makes the players around him better.

His shot has certainly improved as has his confidence in his shot. Ginyard was once known as a suspect shooter by some analysts and I think that he's quickly reversing those thoughts. His mid-range jumper is nice and he likes to hit pull-ups off the bounce. We still question his three-ball because he's not known to take many of them. Can he hit them? Yes, we've seen it, but he gets to the basket so well that he just chooses to take the easier route to scoring.

Quick hands. Quick feet. Long arms. Great kid. A winner. And personally, he's one of my favorite kids in the 2005 class. UNC fans will love him -- even if he's not a big-time scorer. But rest assured -- this kid is a BIG TIME player.

BEST ASSETS -- Versatility, defense, intangibles, speed

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT -- Long range jumper

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