Jim Grobe's Tuesday press conference

Deacons' head coach and players Jyles Tucker and Craig Jones address media...

On any momentum from the big victory over Clemson:
"I hope it was good for us. We responded well to adversity last week and we will see how we respond to a little bit of success." On North Carolina:
"Carolina is very talented, they're playing some young players, but they've got great speed, and are very athletic. I think our guys know in this league that you've got to play good every week or you don't have a chance, so hopefully they've gotten the message. I think they know that if we don't go play one of our best games that we don't have a chance to win. I think we're like every other team in the country, everybody wants to finish strong. No matter what your record is right now you want to do well in November. Everybody we're going to play down the stretch wants a good end to their season, so you're going to get everyone's best shot this time of year."

Health of the team:
"I think we're a healthy football team, as healthy as you can be at this point in the season. Everybody's got some bumps and bruises probably. I think we're going to be pretty healthy."

On Chris Barclay:
"He's doing some of the things that we hoped he'd start the season doing, but he got hurt during the first possession against Boston College. He really was not himself until Georgia Tech, but we didn't know he was going to be back for Georgia Tech. He played hurt all the time. He had a really good game against Georgia Tech. I think he went about 125 yards on about 20 carries, so he had a really good game against them. Once he played against Georgia Tech we knew he was back and he's been pretty steady this last part of the season."

On UNC's quarterback, Darian Durant:
"The problem with Darian is that he's one of the biggest throwing quarterbacks in the league, but more importantly he leads their team in rushing. So, whenever you have that it's a dangerous combination. He presents a great danger for us. Mobile quarterbacks drive everybody crazy."

On the Deacon defense against Clemson:
"For us, it's pretty much the same thing, week in and week out. We're always going to play good people. Everyone is recruiting tall wide receivers. We've got our work cut out for us every week. And one of the nice things we did against Clemson was that we limited the number of big pass plays. When you can do that, you can make people earn what they get. I thought our corners did a nice job."

Offensive Lineman Craig Jones

About the "one game at a time" philosophy:
"You have to look at it that way, especially in this league. You just take it one game at a time and hopefully at the end of the season we will have an opportunity to go to a bowl game."

On North Carolina:
"North Carolina has a lot of talent on their team. Their offense has done very, very well. I am not sure we would be embarrassed, but we would definitely be disappointed if we lost this weekend. They have a great tradition. They have had great teams in the past and they still have so many great players. I am sure they still have the mindset that they expect to win against Wake Forest."

On the North Carolina defense:
"We are trying to pile up yards every week because yards usually equal touchdowns. Their defense is not very conventional, but they have a lot of big guys up front that I have to worry about blocking. They run a lot of blitzes. I am not worrying about running up lots of yards, I will let our running backs worry about that. I am going to worry about the guy I am supposed to block and open up holes."

Momentum from last week:
"There is definitely a lot of momentum heading into this week. Clemson has done very well against us historically. We were real excited about winning, especially the way we did. I can tell you right now that I did not expect the score to be 35-0 at halftime. But, we got a lot of breaks and a bunch of guys stepped up and made plays. That was what brought the win home for us."

Defensive End Jyles Tucker

On his fumble return for a touchdown against Clemson:
"Everyone has made such a big deal out of it. It was a good play, but I did not even think about it. I just reacted and was happy to help the team out."

On the defense's ability to cause turnovers:
"That is stuff we work on a lot in practice with the drills we do. It carries over into the game. It just comes from repetition. It is always something that stays in the back of your mind."

On the possibility of a letdown following such an emotional win:
"We need to stay focused. We just need to remember the goals that we set. It is not an individual thing. If you start doing things as an individual, that is when everything goes down hill. As long as you stay together as a team, in all aspects -- offense, defense and special teams -- everything should be okay."

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