Two Heels among nation's Top 10 players

While depth is going to be the biggest concern this season, individual talent is not. Case in point - two Tar Heels, Raymond Felton and Rashad McCants, are ranked in <i>The Sporting News</i>' Top 10 list for best players in the nation.

No. 3 - Raymond Felton - What makes him so good: He's athletic, quick and strong. He finishes extremely well and is a capable long-range shooter. Felton is a great decision-maker whose game really took off at the end of last year. Roy Williams never has had a point guard this good.

No. 8 - Rashad McCants - What makes him so good: One way or another, that ball is going in the hole. For someone who's 6-4, McCants is an unbelievable post-up player. He also can shoot it or explode to the basket. McCants will thrive in UNC's new offense; he'll be a highlight regular with his open-court dunks.

1. Emeka Okafor, C, Connecticut
2. Jameer Nelson, PG, Saint Joseph's
3. Raymond Felton, PG, North Carolina
4. Ike Diogu, C, Arizona State
5. Rickey Paulding, SF, Missouri
6. Ben Gordon, SG, Connecticut
7. Wayne Simien, PF, Kansas
8. Rashad McCants, G/F, North Carolina
9. Arthur Johnson, C, Missouri
10. Hakim Warrick, SF, Syracuse

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