UNC-Wake Forest: Locker Room Report

Jeb Terry

What kind of effort did it take from you guys up front today?

We knew we needed a big effort out of us, especially. We knew if we played well, we'd have a great chance of winning this game. We came out and played our a--es off and so did Ronnie McGill. He had a great game. He read the blocks right for a much-needed victory.

What was the locker room like after the game?

It was happier than I've seen it in three years--two.

What did Coach Bunting say afterwards?

He said to enjoy it for now, but we want to feel this good again next week when we go down to Georgia Tech. He said to enjoy it now and make the right choices and he'll see us back tomorrow.

Have you seen anything from Ronnie that led you to believe this was coming from him?

I always knew he was a hard runner. He showed that in the spring game last year. I think we just used him more today, and he got into the flow of the game and showed what he can do. It was quite impressive.

When they threw the deep ball and scored quickly to make it close again in the fourth quarter, you all marched down the field. Did you guys say anything to each other, in particular?

We had something biting us in the back of the head, the Arizona State game. We said we couldn't let it happen again. We have to put the points on the board and win this game.

What did you think of the decision to go for it on fourth down?

What does it mean to end a 10-game home losing streak?

It feels great. In front of our fans, we finally give them something to cheer about. It just means so much because it's been so long since we had a victory here and been able to enjoy it with our fans. It clears a big dark cloud out of here.

What was this week like, after the Maryland loss?

This week was quite disappointing. The Maryland loss wasn't like the other two beforehand. It was very embarrassing. It was a struggle to get back into it, but we did eventually. We practiced hard and practiced pretty well--not our best week. But we knew what we had to do this week and that was run the ball and keep our defense off the field.

Micheal Waddell

What happened with all the blocks on special teams?

We practice hard every day. It wasn't really a surprise for us.

Were you just finding the holes?

Wake Forest's field goal protection is a lot different from other teams. I knew if I could get a jump, I could come off the side and make something happen.

What do they do different?

Their ends reach inside. Dexter Reid did a good job of making the end reach inside so I could have a clear shot.

Is this a game you knew you could have?

Every game, we figure the game is ours. We think we have an edge on special teams because we work so hard.

Mike Mason

How big of a win is this?

It's really big. We know Wake Forest wanted to beat us really bad. Every win is a big win, but this is like a rivalry. We practiced hard for this game.

How much do you think it means for Coach Bunting to win this game?

It means a lot because we've been losing because of all these little mistakes--penalties and stuff. This game a lot of stuff went our way. I know he's really happy and the team is happy for him.

Did you know you were going to be wide open on that touchdown you caught?

Oh yeah--everybody bites on that play, so I figured he would.

What kind of route was that?

It's a stutter route. You run up to the DB and stutter. He bites on it because he thinks it's a come-back or something.

How big was special teams today in this win?

It was a big factor. That's one of the main things we work on in practice. We put a lot of emphasis on special teams. When we go out we say, 'Don't lose on special teams.' The guys we have on the team bust their butts to do what they do.

What did you think of Ronnie's performance today?

He did a great job today. I knew he'd have a break-out game sometime this year because the running backs switch every couple of plays. If they keep Ronnie in a lot, he'll get a lot of yards because he's so powerful. Once he had a couple of runs, I knew they couldn't stop him.

I understand he could bench 400 pounds from the day he stepped on campus. He's seems pretty strong for a freshman.

It was 410. I can't explain to you what he does in the weight room. I can't even count the plates he puts on.

What does the fact that a lot of the younger guys on the team have produced lately say about this team's character?

I think we have a good future. When we came in we worked really hard because we wanted to win some games this year, and we knew the team needed help. The guys backing us up didn't say that just because we are freshmen we don't get to do this or do that. They stayed with us and backed us up because we needed them and they needed us.

Ronnie McGill

Was there a play that was working especially well for you today?

We had a counter play--that's the play that I broke both runs on. It just seems like the gap was there and I was running through it.

Do you think the fact that Chad's injury forced you to play more was a factor in you getting into a rhythm?

That was a big factor--feeling the flow of the game, the linebackers, and knowing how the line is going to block. The more carries you get, the more relaxed you feel, and the more you get into the game, and the more you know what you can do.

Were there many times when you were supposed to go one way, but the hole opened up somewhere else?

It didn't happen many times. The offensive linemen were blocking right and making the holes where they were supposed to be. I was just running through the holes, except for the second touchdown I had.

Early in the game, Darian threw you a screen pass that was a little short. You looked unhappy about it. Then, the next play you come down and get the fumble recovery. Was that a mood swing in the game? After that, you seemed like a different team.

That was a huge play. If they had gotten the ball and scored, we probably would have gotten down on ourselves a little bit and might not have played like we did. When I recovered that fumble, it gave us new life because we knew we had the ball close to the end zone and we knew we could score to get the team back into things.

Can you describe the last run? By contact, you might have been stopped.

It was just a regular little iso that we had been running the whole game. Jacque [Lewis] made a great block on it, the line blocked their men, and they put me one-on-one with somebody that they figured I could overpower. I got hit--right before the play all the linemen looked at me and told me that they wanted me to get the first down, no matter what. I didn't want to disappoint them because they did such a great job the whole game. I just focused on getting that one yard.

What were you thinking when that happened?

I don't think I had any thoughts. I was just so happy and I wanted to celebrate with the line because they did such a great job--and Jacque, he was there the whole game with me. It was me blocking for him or him blocking for me, so I wanted to celebrate with him and not worry about anything else.

What do you think about racking up 244 yards?

Two-hundred, forty-four yards? That's a lot of yards for a freshman. I didn't come into the game thinking about that. I just wanted to come into the game and get a couple of good runs in and, hopefully, a touchdown. It just ended up being so many yards.

When Dexter was coming off the field celebrating, he was saying to another player, "I told you he was a beast!" like he knew you had this in you all along. Is there anything that has built up to this that came together?

It was spring ball, my first couple of carries out there, I was just running hard and we hit--and it was a great hit--and everybody gave me credit for running him over or something like that. But he knew what I can do and he had confidence in me.

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