McCants' bold statements about Sean May

<i>InsideCarolina</i>'s Clint Jackson spoke with Rashad McCants on Monday night. The committed Tar Heel, who accompanied UNC target Sean May on his official visit last weekend in Chapel Hill, had some very eye-opening words about May's recruitment.

For those who think Tar Heel head coach Matt Doherty is an aggressive recruiter – they clearly haven't met Rashad McCants.

"I'm proud to be a Tar Heel," McCants told InsideCarolina in July. "I'm going to flaunt it around and let everyone know that Carolina is the place to be."

And he certainly did that this past weekend.

Rashad McCants

McCants spent the last few days in Chapel Hill on an official visit to Carolina. Having already committed to UNC before the summer, the 6-3 wing had an important job over the weekend: to help recruit Sean May.

McCants developed a friendship with May, a stocky, yet remarkably agile power forward from Bloomington (IN), during the summer hoops tour. May is also seriously considering hometown Indiana and Louisville.

Did the visit go as well as he expected?

"Oh, yeah," McCants told IC's Clint Jackson on Monday night. "We went out a lot, watched practice and went to the football game. We got along really good. He loved the campus got along good with the players and the coaches."

Jackson then asked McCants if he had any inclination what May's final decision would be – and our reporter was quite simply blown away with the response he got.

"When he left, he told me ‘I'm going to commit to Carolina when I get home,'" McCants said of May. "He told me that Indiana just wasn't the place for him. And with Louisville, he didn't like the campus very much, but he liked Pitino."

Shocking words about a player who is generally thought to be leaning heavily towards becoming a Hoosier.

"He's supposed to have a press conference soon," McCants said. "I'm going to call him in the next couple of days and see what's up."

Now, it's important to remember that McCants has a reputation for being a VERY aggressive recruiter, and that these words will yield a heavy skeptical response. In light of these surprising statements, is it possible that May told him this to get him off his back?

"I hope not," McCants said.

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