Bunting Press Conference Quotes

The head coach reflects on the win over Wake Forest and Saturday's game at Georgia Tech.

Opening Statement:
"We are really pleased to get a win. Obviously that is over now. We have to go on and get ready for another ACC game, a big game for us. We are hopeful that the real good players that have been playing real well for us as of late will continue to play. The Dexter Reids, the Jeb Terrys, who are all-star candidates, should absolutely be recognized for all the things they have done for our football program, not only this year but over the years.

"Seeing us rush for 328 (yards), which is the second time we have led the ACC in rushing this year, it is really exciting. Of course, Jeb is the leader of that group. Dexter and Mahlon (Carey) having a career day with 17 tackles at least, I know he had one or two tackles on special teams. Mahlon Carey having one of his best games and Dexter helped stop the explosive runs that Wake Forest had been getting plenty of up until our game. They got some runs on the perimeter, which has plagued us all year, but the explosive runs which I was very nervous about going into the game, those two helped reduce them to a very minimum. It is really great to see Mahlon play like that.

"This game we started our eighth true freshman in Shelton Bynum, which is remarkable that we have started at one point in time eight true freshmen. Moving Shelton into the middle also was keeping in my mind moving Chase Page out. He had a career day at right defensive end, so that is something that I am thinking about doing for awhile. I'm glad we did it. We needed Shelton Bynum to step up and be part of the mix, so I could move him (Page) outside and have him practice outside all week. He took limited reps inside in case I needed to put him back in there. Shelton held his own inside and Puff is getting better and better. He is going to be a great player on this football team. It was neat to see Chase out there at a position where I think he will really blossom this season and possibly the next.

"It is exciting to see us at the top of the ACC in terms of average per rush. Seeing Ronnie McGill's name in the top ten in the ACC, that is really exciting for us. I think the sky is the limit for that young man. I think when we get everything under control in terms of the cramping and the repetitions and the experience factor, I think he is going to be a great player. I have said that for quite some time. Waddell was specialist of the week and Ronnie was rookie of the week. Those are all nice individual things. There are a lot of nice individual things that have happened with this football team this year.

"I'd love to be sitting here talking about bowl possibilities with you, being 5-5 if we had won a couple close games. But we are not, so we have to deal with the Georgia Tech Bowl coming up here. That is going to be a very, very important game for us. I am looking forward to going down to Atlanta and getting the week's practice underway today.

Q: How many carries would you like Ronnie McGill to get the next couple of games?
A: "Well it depends on the score of the game. It depends on how things are going. Depends on how we are running the ball, which I think we have been doing a good job as of late. But we need to keep the game in check so we can run the ball. I'd love to see Ronnie run the ball 20-25 times a game. You know he was also a starter on our kickoff team and a starter on our punt coverage team. He recovered one of the fumbles. He is a very good football player. He has tremendous instincts for the game. I wish he was on all of the special teams, but we can't afford to. I don't know how much work Chad Scott will see today. He will not practice, we will see what happens tomorrow."

Q: Is the team gaining confidence after some of the things that happened against Wake Forest?
A: "Football is the ultimate team game. You need a number of players to be thinking the same way. You need a number of players to have that true confidence. You really don't get true, deep confidence until you have been in those situations and have been able to come through. You can achieve some confidence out on the practice field, but until you have been in those tight situations and have been able to overcome them, then you kind of lack that one little piece of confidence that could push you over the top. You have that little bit of doubt that creeps in. We have been so close so many times. We have gained some confidence this year in our football team as opposed to last year because of the fact that we have been so close so many times. We have competed. Our entire winter was spent trying to get our players a little tougher and a little more competitive. We accomplished some of that. Throw in a very talented freshman class that is still learning how to play football at the division one level. We have a mismatch of young players that we are trying to bring up to snuff with our veteran players, which we have some that get out on the field. We don't have a lot of juniors and seniors."

Q: Do you expect them to take another step forward because they did come through last week?
A: "That is what you expect, but you don't assume anything. We need a great week of preparation. Georgia Tech is a formidable opponent. They have got some weapons. We need to make things happen. We can't just sit back and say, 'Hey guys we just won a ballgame, lets go out there and win another one.' No, we have to fight and scrap for every inch of yardage we get or prevent them from getting. We have to really fight our hardest this week to have a chance to win. When we get that opportunity late in the game, we have to find a way to do it, if we stay with these guys."

Q: When and why did you decide to move Chase Page to defensive end?
A: "About midseason. There have been some thoughts going through my mind before that he might be a taller guy, that would be best suited outside. The long arms and long body are best suited to be outside rushing the offensive tackles, who usually are longer taller guys."

Q: The last two games against Georgia Tech, what are your thoughts on them?
A: "I will never forget the game we lost down at Tech. We were riding a five-game winning streak, we had the bye week. I thought we were going to be really well-rested and excited about playing a Thursday night game. We didn't come out and play very well. We had our chances, but we didn't play very well, particularly on defense. We did not stop the run very well. They blocked us up and ran the perimeter. They made first downs. And then last year we had a very interesting game here in Chapel Hill. It was a game that we could have very easily won. We failed to come up with the big plays on offense or defense to win that game."

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