Ronald Curry could play hoops in 01-02

CHAPEL HILL, NC--Back in the summer, during the preparation for the current UNC football season, Ronald Curry denied any possibility that he would once again make the transition from the grid iron to the hardwood. Now, it looks like that may not be the case.

"Nope," is all he would say when the basketball questions came up—no way, no how. It was time to prepare for football, and he didn't want to answer those questions out of fairness to his football career and his teammates.

"I've always considered it," admitted Curry on Tuesday afternoon, just 84 hours before the official beginning of the 2001-2002 NCAA Men's Basketball season.. "I just wanted to let you guys [the media] know what I was focused on—I was focused on playing football. The basketball question always came up, but I wanted to let you know that I'm focused on football, and that's what I'm still focused on."

While it might be in Matt Doherty's best interest to try to convince the senior two-sport star to return to basketball, he understands that football is his priority right now and is supporting him in that endeavor.

"I've spoken to him" explained Curry, "but when we talk, we don't talk about basketball. We talk about how I'm doing and how he's doing. I ask him how recruiting is going and how the guys are playing. He just keeps encouraging me on the season and telling me that I played well or how he feels. When talk, we don't really talk about me coming back to the basketball team. He talks to me more about staying focused on football right now. When the decision comes, it comes."

With the football season extended to December 1st due to the events of September 11th at a minimum and a possibility of a bowl invitation again within reach after evening the season record at 3-3, with six games remaining, his transition transition fom one sport to the other could come much later than it looked like it might have just 17 days ago.

So when will it happen?

"I'm not really sure," remarked Curry. "It depends on how I feel when the time comes to make that decision. I may go out to practice—most likely, I'll go out to start practice and just try to get a feel of it."

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