Do Heels lead for Pressley?

"If I had to choose today, I would probably pick North Carolina," said Demario Pressley during his recent interview on Countdown to Signing Day which aired this past Wednesday. Good news for the Tar Heel faithful, but somewhat misleading.

"That was what I said, but (the producer) was just asking me so many questions and was drilling me hard, so I just said something," recalled the five-star lineman who still remains completely open. "It's close though."

The x-factor for the Tar Heels seems to be their coaching staff. Assistant coach James Webster and head coach John Bunting call the 6-4, 285-pounder that owns a 4.8 forty-yard dash, weekly and have made a great impression on the Greensboro native.

"They're there not just as a coach, they're there as a role model as well," remarked Pressley. "All of them are real and they're down to earth and I think most of them are father figures and are someone to look up to."

Pressley plans to iron out his official visit schedule, which should include a trip to Chapel Hill, prior to the conclusion of his football season. However, Pressley doesn't believe his senior season will finish anytime soon.

"I know we are going to pull through," stated Pressley in regards to his second round match-up against Southern Durham this weekend.

Pressley's high school, Dudley, plans to finish what they started last year by ending the season with a North Carolina 3A state championship. Last season the Panthers fell short in a 19-18 loss to Ashbrook in the championship game. That season saw Pressley account for 97 tackles, 14 sacks and 17 fumble recoveries. Pressley continues his tirade this season with 10 sacks thus far.

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