UNC-GT Locker Room: Chan Gailey

Yellow Jackets' head coach addresses media following the game...

On P. J. Daniels' performance:
"He's a tough, tough runner. I'm telling you now, he is as strong as a Mac truck running north-south. It is very impressive to watch him run the football. I mean, you hadn it to him on second-and-four and you think that if he can get part of it to get to third down…and he gets four and half or five, or whatever. He's a strong young man. He's very impressive. His heart's as big as Atlanta."

On getting the sixth win:
"You don't like to talk too much about this kind of stuff. We've still got two games to play, and a lot of things can happen in those two ballgames. This group did something that no on in this room, outside of my family and Larry and myself thought could happen. To me, that talks a lot about the character of this football team and I've talked about it before. This group is a very special group. When it comes to how they play the game together as a football team and how they improve. Have we had bumps in the road? Yes, we've had them. We know that, you know that, everybody knows that. But they've responded pretty well. I'm impressed with the character of the football team."

On special teams:
I tell you what, our kickoff coverage team…that was one of our keys to the game – us covering kicks or punts. We had to do a good job of covering kicks, and I thought that we did an outstanding job or doing that. After the first one, we did an outstanding job. Maybe David Jordan is giving us a little more something, he kicked one out of the end zone, and two with the penalty. It gave us a little bit of something there. Our guys covered like we needed to cover. We didn't do anything fancy, we just said, ‘Go get them,' and they did."

On Jonathan Smith's performance:
"He did a lot of big things today. He throws for a touchdown, he catches a touchdown and returns a punt for a touchdown. He's a special young man; a special player. I was very impressed with his effort today. But if the line doesn't protect, he can't do his job. If they don't set up the block to fake the reverse, he's not open. That's the thing, it takes everybody to get it done. We can talk about individual efforts all we want, but it takes a lot of people to make something happen like that."

On the reverse pass for a touchdown:
"Actually, it was Buddy Geis' suggestion at that point in the game. We had talked about it all game, and we'd run the reverse before and we were looking for a spot to run it and Buddy was the one who actually brought it to our attention at that point in the game."

On his halftime speech:
"I just told them that we had to go fight for 30 minutes. You go on the field and you learn to win in the second half. Sometimes you're ahead, and sometimes you're behind. But you keep on fighting."

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