UNC-GT Locker Room: Tech Players

Yellow Jackets address the media after the game...


On the play of P. J. Daniels:
"He was a workhorse today. When you run the ball well, you aren't going to lose too many games.

"Today we weren't even thinking about bowls. We just had to bounce back from last week. We were on a roll before, then we had a big letdown last week, so we were just trying to get back on track.

"In the second half we came out with a couple of real good drives. The first drive we got a touchdown so that gave us a little boost."


When was the last time you threw a touchdown pass? "It was in high school my senior year. We were trying to set that play up the whole game. The end was rushing up, so the reverse wasn't working. I knew he was going to be there, but I didn't know [UNC's Madison Hedgecock] was going to be that close. So I just threw it up and Nate just went up and caught it. They told me if there was someone in my face to just try and make a move and run it. But I saw Nate leave his man, so I just threw it up. The first day we ran that play in practice, I undergthre it to make sure it was complete so the coaches wouldn't throw it out of our playbook. The next day when we practiced it, I threw it retty good, so they kept it in.

On the play of P.J. Daniels:
"He works really hard, so he deserves everything he gets. He really ran hard and he kept sustaining drives for us. He was a workhorse for us today. I've never seen anybody get that many yards the way he did in a game. He doesn't mind getting hit and I just like him as a running back.

On the punt return for a touchdown:
"We were expecting them to try something as the game was winding down. I guess they sent their defense to the right and all my blockers went to the left. The guys made big blocks. Eric Henderson blocked the punter and it was pretty much over."


"Obviously after last week's loss, we had to come back and rebound and put that our of our heads. We needed to get that sixth win to become bowl-eligible most of all. The first drive of the third quarter really set the tone and that dictated the rest of the second half. We played a good first half, but not a great first half. But in the second half we took over."


"I can believe it (the statistics), but I can't take the credit. My offensive line did a great job. I can't name everybody, but they all did a great job. This was not a P.J. game, it was a Georgia Tech game. I'm happy that I got 1,000 yards, but I didn't get it, my offensive line got it. We got it together. I don't look at record books and I don't take all the credit. My offensive line and my fullbacks paved the way for me today. I'm not tired, not at all. I enjoy playing the game, and I enjoy running behind those boys."

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