UNC-GT Locker Room: UNC Players

Carolina players address the media following the game...


On the play that was ruled an incomplete pass:
"When I hit the ground, the ball came out. I had control of the ball the entire time, until I hit the ground. Then he hit me. It was a complete pass, but they called it incomplete, so we've got to live with that."

On his fumble in the fourth quarter:
"I should have been aware of it. Actually I was just hoping the defense was going to bail me out right there. That's the only thing I was worried about. I wasn't looking at it as a momentum thing."

On Tech's punt return for a touchdown:
"He just split it up the middle. There was nobody left after that, and he just took it to the house."


On his impressions of Tech running back P. J. Daniels:
"He's a good running back. For me being a freshman, I looking at almost all the backs – I like the competition. Next year, I can't wait to see some more."

On what caused the problems stopping the run:
"One thing that got us was the quarterback. When he came out in the second half running the ball, that really caught us off guard. With us then worried about containment, it opened up holes in the middle. Then when closed down the middle, it opened up holes outside. It was really that one-two punch that got us."


"I'm not the type of person that is into moral victories. We didn't do enough on offense to win and that's the bottom line.

"Like we've been saying before, the emergence of our running game will open up the passing. They seemed to try and stack the box on us and that opened up the passing game, so we tried to exploit that.

"I don't think there was a turning point. When it all comes down, we've got to stop people regardless of what happened on offense. I think we had the ball only eight times in the third quarter or something like that – you're not going to win like that. But we know we're the strong part of this team and we didn't do enough to win."


"We held them in check in the first half and that was great. They would gain some yards here and there, but we would stop them and get off the field. But we came out in the second half and that old defense that we had just reappeared for us. That's just something we have to stop doing. When they get third-and-one, third-and-two, that just takes it out of us. That's what we had to stop, and they just got those things. We just had missed assignments and they had some explosion plays.

On the frustration of not stopping Daniels:
"It hurt us a lot. As the time comes – through the off-season and through spring ball – we're going to get better. I think people fail to realize that we are a young defense and that Dexter [Reid] back in the back is the only senior. Most of these guys have been playing for a year or two, and then all of a sudden we've got freshmen playing up front and Chase [Page] moving out to the end for just his second game. It's going to take a little bit of time. It's frustrating, because [Daniels] would run into the back of the offensive line and then bounce out for extra yardage. He would just get the second try on the yards, and we just can't give him that second try."

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