Derek Morris Q&A

Inside Carolina talked with massive offensive lineman Derek Morris from just outside Charlotte, NC. Here are Morris' vital statistics and what he had to say...


  • High School: North Mecklenberg
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 6-61/2
  • Weight: 345
  • 40-time: 5-0
  • BP: 470 (3 reps)
  • Squat: 710
  • Pancake Blocks: Averages 12 per game
  • Favorites: TN, UGA, Ohio St, UNC, NCST, Miss ST others (says he is wide open)
  • Official visits: TN, UGA, Ohio St. (many schools fighting for the final two visits).
    Inside Carolina: Derek, have you visited Chapel Hill yet?
    Derek Morris: I was there last summer.

    IC : What are your impressions of Chapel Hill?
    Morris : I loved it there. I love Carolina.

    IC: Would you rate any of your teams that you mentioned as being your absolute favorite?
    Morris: No, not really. I took a visit to Notre Dame and it was all right, so they are kind of out of it. My parents really liked Tennessee at first, but since we visited Ohio State, then we realized that the other schools were probably just as good so everyone is about equal.

    IC: What are your impressions of the Carolina football team?
    Morris: I think they are really hard workers. I like what the offensive line coach does with the line during the game. I was generally impressed with the staff.

    IC: Did you have a favorite team growing up?
    Morris: Notre Dame, but that was when I was growing up.

    IC: What are the most important things to you when choosing a school?
    Morris: Education. I want to be able to study business and fashion.

    IC: Does your family have a preference where you attend?
    Morris: Well, like I said before they really liked Tennessee at first but since we went to Ohio State they realized that all the other schools are probably good too, so they just want to take all the official visits and then decide. I have never really had a favorite.

    IC: Who is recruiting you from UNC?
    Morris: Coach Brewer.

    IC: Has your coach given you any advice about recruiting?
    Morris: He told me to stay focused and to stay calm. He also said to take my time and not to let anyone talk me into anything. Basically just to be myself.

    IC: What do you like to do when you are not playing football?
    Morris: I like to lift weights. That is my hobby even when I am not doing it to prepare for football.

    IC: Who do people compare you to in football?
    Morris: People say that I play like Orlando Pace.

    IC: What has been your most memorable moment in football?
    Morris: I'd say when we beat West Charlotte last year.

    IC: Who is the best football player that you have ever played with or against?
    Morris: I had a teammate last year, Renaldo Jackson, that was really good. He was a defensive end that was big and fast. Unfortunately, he had an ankle injury and teams withdrew their scholarship offers after that. He wound up going to TN-Chattanooga.

    IC: Would you say that Carolina has a chance to get one of your final two official visits?
    Morris: Yes! They, along with State and a couple of others have a very good chance.

    IC: Do you plan to go to any Carolina football games?
    Morris: I plan to go to a UNC game this year.

    IC: Derek, what makes you a good player?
    Morris: I think it is because I am such a hard worker. I really stay focused both during the game and when I am preparing to play.

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