Bunting Press Conference Quotes

"This game is a big game for us, as it has been and will always be for us. Great tradition here and it means an awful lot to our fans, our players and our staff."

Opening Statement:
Jeb Terry is having a great season, doing a great job for us. I think he should be a strong candidate for All-ACC offensive guard. He has really helped us with the resurgence of this offense, particularly the running game. He has really done a great job all season being a great leader. I'm really extremely happy with his play. Danny has been a very fine kicker for us. He really did a great job of getting that ball up at Georgia Tech. They had a great leaper, who blocked a coupled kicks going into that game. The field goal protection unit did a good job and Danny got it up and in, nice kick in that game.

"This game is a big game for us, as it has been and will always be for us. Great tradition here and it means an awful lot to our fans, our players and our staff. We will prepare for this game just like we have for every single other one. Working extremely hard in practice. Preparation to me, it goes without saying, is extremely important to winning. As we get better and better with our football team, we will get better with our preparation, and then we will get better with our win/loss record. We know what we have to do to win this game. We have to stop the run, we have to stop a team that has been running the ball very well. We have not been very good doing that, but we also need to stay on the field with our offense. We have been doing that on occasion, running the ball recently which helps us defensively. We can't afford mistakes in the kicking game. We had one last week and it was very, very costly. Duke does a great job with their special teams right now. They are very, very disciplined and they play very hard. It will be a battle of the wills when it comes to the kicking game on Saturday. I'm looking forward to the game."

Q: What has been the problem with the run defense all year?
A: "There are obviously a number of things that go into playing great run defense and I have talked about it before. It starts up front with the defensive line and the linebackers working together. You always have to have an extra element involved in the run game. It could be a safety and sometimes maybe a corner. We have just not executed well. We have not been as physical as we need to be. As we all know, we are still very young there and we are trying to get better by playing younger players who may have more speed or more size. Sometimes the inexperience factor shows up. Sometimes we wear down a little bit because we don't have that so-called 'game stamina.' That happens when you play a lot of plays. We played a lot of plays last Saturday in both the first half and then the second half. A 17-play drive at one point, that is too long for our young defense to be out on the field. It is just too long. As much as we try and substitute in certain situations, bringing in our lighter, quicker guys, we didn't get in those situations because they kept pounding. I'm going to give Georgia Tech a lot of credit too. Their offensive line is pretty good. Their runner, despite the fact that someone called him a walk-on, which he was at one time, that kid is a good football player."

Q: How will Duke's rotating quarterbacks affect the defense and what strain will it put on the defense?
A: "I've been in the quarterback rotation business myself at one point. There are some similarities, but there are some differences as well. I think the big thing is to be able to stop their run game. Their receivers, one of them can also run the football very, very well. That being (Senterrio) Landrum, he is a great return guy. We have to really account for him on the returns. He is also good running on the reverses. They have done a good job pounding the ball, they really have. They have also done a great job with the bootleg pass. Their two-tight end offense has been very good to them. So has their three wide receiver package. So I think it is more important stopping their packages rather then their quarterbacks."

Q: What do you see that Duke is doing effective under Ted Roof?
A: "I think they are being very physical up front. Their defense is playing very hard. I saw that last year. They are playing hard again. They are playing real hard on offense as well. They got after Tennessee, they really did."

Q: Talk about Ronnie McGill and what he is doing.
A: "I just think he has got a terrific future. He may never just break away and run away from everybody. But he can run fast enough to make a lot of yards. He can break it open, he can break tackles. He has a great feel for where the hole is. By rolling plays back or staying on the perimeter and pressing the hole. He has got a great feel for the run game. He is a guy that does a lot of things right. He doesn't ever show up late ... he is a good student. He is fun to coach."

Q: What does this game mean to the program?
A: "This game, whether it be here or over there, would be extremely important no matter what. I think coming back home to play our last game here for this senior group, I think our fans will be appreciative of them. This is the last time for the Old Well Walk for our seniors. I think most of the players that come to this university and graduate from this university, have a great affection for this university and some of the things that go along with it this week. I think it is going to be very emotional for them."

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