Media Day: The Freshmen

Head coach Matt Doherty made the following comments at Thursday's Media Day about the Tar Heel freshmen class. As is UNC's long-term policy, the media can't speak with the freshmen until the first game.

Melvin Scott (6-1 1/2, 179 lbs)
"Combo guard that can really shoot the basketball. Strong. Good defender. A very smart basketball player. Tough kid. Hates to lose. I played him one on one and beat him and he didn't talk to me for two days. (laughter) I'm serious. He didn't talk to me for two days. (How good can he be if he lost to you, Coach?) (laughter) I'm the coach, I get to make the rules. I'm 39 ... Jordan made a comeback. I've still got a little game. He wouldn't talk to me for two days. Same thing happened with Shammond Williams. Shammond beat him and he wouldn't talk to Shammond for two days. You like that."

Jackie Manuel (6-5, 183 lbs)
"Jackie Manuel's dad was a great player at Valdosta State and Jackie knows how to play. Really knows how to use screens. Knows spacing. Proper passes. Very skilled. Can really shoot the ball. Quick, long but needs a little more meat on his body. Jackie's not afraid to score. In some of our drills, he's not afraid to go against Shammond and compete and hit big shots."

Jawad Williams (6-8½, 200 lbs)
"Jawad is 6-8 ½ with long arms, and with the other three, I think can be a very good defender and I think they want to be a good defenders. Jawad's really improved his consistency on his outside shot. I think he's been a streaky shooter and I want him to get to be a very good to great shooter. I think he has a chance to do that. Working on his ball handling a little bit. But, he's a guy who we can run some alley-oop plays for because he can certainly go up and get it."

"I'm excited about the three of them. They have versatility. I have always talked about guys that can pass, handle and shoot and I think they can do that. They can guard, have good quickness, long arms and are good kids."

"I think they are good athletes. I don't know if they are ‘jets' but I think they are very quick and long."

Have you played Jawad in one on one?

"Jawad? He wouldn't tell you. I beat Jawad one on one"

Who have you NOT beaten one on one?

"I am at a point in my career where I don't schedule guys if I don't think I have a shot at beating them. (laughter) Or, you have to pick your shots. I played a couple guys last year after a tough practice or after like the bench press test. You know, you have to pick your spots. And then, you change the rules. Like, all of a sudden you hit three threes in a row and then, you count those as two and say, ‘Ok, we are playing to six, game's over. Next'. You have to do what you have to do."


IC also spoke with Kris Lang about the freshmen class.

Jawad Williams -- "He's a hard worker. What else ... there's not much to say about this kid (laughing) ... Very athletic. Loves to score. Loves to try and dunk on people, that's his big thing. (We) have to teach him how to get up in defense a bit more. He doesn't pressure well enough. He needs to get up into somebody. And box out, he knows that. He knows he needs to box out on the defensive glass because in these pick up games, his man is grabbing all the offensive boards. But that will come with practice. He'll be alright."

Melvin Scott -- "A solid point guard. Has a nice free throw line jumper. Knows how to throw the ‘oop. Knows how to get the ball inside. Quick."

Jackie Manuel -- "Jackie is a great spot up shooter and an excellent defender. The man can play great defense. It's hard to screen him because he rolls off the screens and just has long arms to block shots. He's really good."

Freshmen Jackie Manuel, Melvin Scott and Jawad Williams.

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