OL Ryan Carter Q&A

IC catches up with highly ranked OL Ryan Carter.


  • High School: South Lake (Clermont, FL)
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 320
  • 40-time: 5.2
  • Pancake Blocks: Averages 15 per game
  • Bench: 470
  • Squat: 650
  • Favorites: FL leads UNC and Okla. Next two are KSU and BYU.
  • Official Visits: UNC (10/6), FL (11/3), Okla (11/10), KSU (12/7)

    Inside Carolina: Ryan, did you have an official visit to UNC last weekend for the East Carolina game (10/6)?
    Ryan Carter: Yes. I was there for the East Carolina game as well as for the weekend for my official visit.

    IC : Did you enjoy your official visit?
    Carter : It was a blast.

    IC: What did you think of Chapel Hill?
    Carter: I really liked it. Chapel Hill just feels like a college town. It is a nice mixture of a small town but not far away is some of the bigger city stuff.

    IC: How did you like the campus?
    Carter: The campus was gorgeous. The weekend we were there the weather was just perfect. The stadium was great.

    IC: What do you plan on majoring in?
    Carter: Business. In talking to some of the academic people, I found out that UNC is one of the top three business schools in the U.S.

    IC: Did you have a player host for your visit?
    Carter: Jeb Terry was my host. I mainly hung out with the Offensive Line over the weekend. They were all great. I was able to eat dinner and breakfast with Coach Caldwell. He was great. It seems at all my favorite schools I am able to connect with at least one coach and at UNC Coach Caldwell was that person. At Florida, Coach Stephens was the Coach I liked.

    IC: Did you know Coach Stephens son plays for UNC?
    Carter: Yes I did.

    IC: Your decision to visit UNC seemed kind of sudden. Can you describe how that came about?
    Carter: Yes, it is just strange. I was praying about where to visit and it just occurred to me that UNC was a place that I should visit.

    IC: What did you the think of the facilities at Carolina?
    Carter: Top notch. They are as good as anybody in the country has.

    IC: Who is your primary recruiter from UNC?
    Carter: Coach Brewer.

    IC: Do you have a timetable for when you might decide?
    Carter: It will be after all my official visits. Probably late December or January.

    IC: I saw one interview that stated you were not considering UNC but now they appear to be tied for second as far as your favorites. Do you remember giving an interview saying that UNC was not among your favorites?
    Carter: No, you are the first person that has interviewed me since I got back from the UNC visit. It has been a little strange in that after I came back people were calling my high school asking/saying that I had committed to UNC. I didn't commit to UNC.

    IC: You say that I was the first person to call you after your visit?
    Carter: Yes, I have been very busy trying to work on becoming an Eagle Scout and I haven't had time to give interviews.

    IC: Did you have a favorite team growing up?
    Carter: Florida State has always been my favorite team.

    IC: I noticed that Florida State is not listed as one of your favorites, how come?
    Carter: I got into the recruiting process and started meeting with the coaches and looking hard at the school and just decided that it wasn't for me.

    IC: So it is just a different perspective for you in liking a school as a fan and actually choosing a school to attend.
    Carter: That is pretty much it.

    IC: You said you wanted to major in business. Do you have any plans as to what you would like to do with your business degree?
    Carter: Someday I would like to own my own retail store like Sports Authority.

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