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Updates on Tar Heel targets, Tom Clayton and Jejaun Rankins

Inside Carolina spoke with RB Tom Clayton concerning his recent official visit to Notre Dame. On a separate interview (from another source) he was quoted as saying that the visit was a ‘10" on a scale of 1-10. When talking to IC, he modified that a bit and said maybe about 9.75. Tom says that Notre Dame now leads slightly but that is mainly because it is the only place that he has visited officially. He liked the staff at Notre Dame as well as the academics. Tom acknowledges that there is some uncertainty with the Coach Davie at Notre Dame that could impact how he views the Irish. He has official visits scheduled for NW (11/30) and UNC (12/7 or 12/14). He will schedule a visit with PSU in November. Tom emphasized that UNC would be his last official visit and that he would decide after that. He continues to say that Carolina his one of his favorite schools and that he has a great relationship with Coach Powell. 


Inside Carolina also spoke with Bertie quarterback Jejuan Rankins after his unofficial visit to UNC for the East Carolina game. He said that he had a great time. He liked the coaching staff and feels like they were really interested in him. He has not scheduled any official visits except that he has been to Michigan and expects to go to Georgia. Jejuan said he has no favorites. Inside Carolina pressed him a bit further that other sources indicated that he favored Michigan. Jejuan reiterated that he did not have any favorites and that all the schools that he was considering were currently on equal footing. Jejuan further stated that UNC had moved up since the beginning of his season although he could not yet say that they are top 5 (he doesn't have a top 5). Jejuan has six rushing touchdowns and approximately 5 passing touchdowns.





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