DT names a favorite

Even though Neil just got back from his visit to Michigan St this weekend, he says his top choice is North Carolina, where he'll be visiting on 1/9.

"They are only 30 minutes from Greensboro and that's where I lived during junior high. I still have friends and family there. They also are well known for their academics and are improving in football."

But that's not to say the Spartans didn't impress him. His host, defensive end Cliff Dukes, in particular, made a good impression. "I liked the people. They were fun to hang out with. We ate a lot and I got to hang out in the dorms and meet most of the players," said Brown. But perhaps the thing that Neil liked the most was their lopsided victory over Penn St. "The game was good and they beat Penn St pretty bad. They won the rivalry trophy and that was awesome."

Following the Tar Heels and Spartans are the Huskers, who have already set up a visit date for 1/16. Rounding out Neil's favorites are Tennessee, Ole Miss and Kentucky. Neil says that North Carolina has only a slight edge and that may still change.

"I want to see how many players they have returning. I don't want to go where they have 8-9 players coming back."

Besides the depth chart, Neil is also looking for an atmosphere that will fit his style. "I like wild crowds and a lot of support. I want to play where they care about football and where they sell out a lot."

"I like Tennessee because they have great tradition and all the coaches are well known. It's also not that far from home. It's only about three and a half hours away."

"My mom is originally from Mississippi and I have family near Ole Miss. They are still a rebuilding program and had a pretty good year. My coaches wife went there and she told me some things about the area and everything."

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