UNC-Davidson: Roy Williams

Opening Remarks:

I felt good about several moments in the game. In the first half we forced 17 turnovers, which was important to us. We needed to get some offense off of the fast break and get some easy ones.

We came out the second half a little flat. We didn't execute and then had selfish plays there a couple of times in a row. Then, all of a sudden, they make a couple of three's and it's an 11-point game. At that point, I thought we played really well after that.

Raymond ran a set play, coming off a screen he made a lob to Jawad. We got stops a couple of times and made shots on the offensive end. Guys seemed to get into it a heck of a lot more.

I think we had some moments tonight when we played better than we did on Saturday night, and we've got to continue doing that.

Defensively, I was pleased, except we make some of the silliest mistake--all of a sudden let a guy walk right underneath the basket, turn around, catch it, and lay it up, and not sprint back. But, again I thought our defense was in a frenzy at some times and created some offense for us.

Probably, the disappointing thing on the offensive end is we took so many three's because that's what they wanted us to take. They didn't want us to get the ball to Sean and Jawad inside. We can't allow other teams to dictate what we do.

Again, during that stretch after they cut it to 11, I think we really played well. I felt good about it.

You have to congratulate Bob's club because they just kept coming. They always have the 3-point shooters, and they did some nice things. They made us get out a little farther than we'll probably play other people out on the court, but you have to because they shoot it so well.

Jawad being 10 for 11 was sensational and Raymond with 12 assists, and he didn't play one of his best games by any means. I got really mad at him a couple of times, but, at the same time 12 assists is pretty dog-gone good if you don't have your best game. That shows the type of ability he has, and I think he will get better and better as he gets more comfortable with how we play him.

Jackie Manuel coming off the bench was a big lift for us, and he's a young man I'm really enjoying watching play.

You looked pretty upset in the first half sometimes with the rebounding, telling the guys to get the rebounds.

I don't know what the rebound totals ended up being, but for us to be a really good basketball team, we can't have a deficit in rebound margin. I look now, and they outrebounded us 37-34, nine offensive rebounds for them, but I think they didn't have as many in the second half as they had in the first half.

If we truly want to be a big-time basketball team, we have got to rebound the ball better. Last year, I think there was a deficit of five or six rebounds a game. I've never had a team to have that kind of thing, so we can't afford to have that.

Shooting the basketball 30 for 59--those last guys missed their last six shots so that hurts the percentage. I'm going to chew their rear ends out a little bit because they have got to take better shots than they did, but it's a lot of fun when you get in the game.

The hard foul on McCants in the second half, you came on the court--who were you upset with?

I was upset with our guys. There's no question that I didn't say one word to the other team. The referee thought it was a hard foul and called it. There is no sense--I'll fight anybody out there on the basketball court because it's only going to last about three seconds. Somebody is going to break it up. It's not a macho thing to chest-up to people. Just get your butt out of the way and leave it alone.

The referee called the hard foul, and I just didn't like the way our guys were--it appeared to me that we were talking too much. We aren't going to do that. You can compete and you can play hard, but I didn't like our reaction to the hard foul. Two of our kids said I misinterpreted what they were doing. They have the right to say that too, but it didn't look right. We aren't going to be that kind of team.

Nine turnovers in the first half--how much of that is getting used to playing faster?

We're going to turn the ball over. Coach Wooden, a long time ago, said that turnovers didn't bother him because that meant they were trying to do something. I won't go that far because some of the dumb ones bother me. But we are going to turn the ball over because we are trying to play aggressively and trying to play at a speed they haven't played at for very long. I'll take 14 turnovers in every game and be the happiest guy in the world.

After the scrimmages and two regular-season games, where are you compared to where you'd hoped to be?

No coach is going to tell you that his club is where they want them to be, and I'm no different from that, but I do believe we made some strides from the game the other night to tonight. I think we have to continue doing that. We have some skilled people. We have to get them to play harder and more consistently. We have to play more unselfishly. There shouldn't be any hesitation--if a teammate is open, he should get the ball. We shouldn't take a couple of bad shots. Over the course of the season, we'll get better and better at that. I can't fault our effort whatsoever, and I think that is something that's extremely important. We have to understand that.

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