Midnight: Notes and Thoughts

* First off, congratulations to all involved for a fantastic event. Everyone from the basketball staff to the students did a great job in creating an unforgettable evening.

* Stuart Scott was an important addition. Sure, some of his jokes were real hit or miss, but he brought high energy and could relate better to the crowd. If only he hadn't mentioned Shavlik Randolph twice (as we say on the message board, "the obsession continues ...")

* Coach Doherty again came to play in the 4-on-4 game, stroking four threes. And, give some credit to LJ, on the student team, who broke Stuart Scott's ankles on at least one occassion.

* Credit to everyone in attendance for the hearty welcome the recruits received. To have a crowd of nearly 10,000 that is well informed of the recruits on-hand produced a great environment, be it the loud chants or creative signs.

* The player introductions, having each come out of the stands, was a great idea as it gave each player individual attention. The ovations for all players were quite loud, and it was real good to see the three freshmen, and Fingleton, getting particularly loud cheers.

* The warmups provided a quick reminder: Jawad Williams is going to fill the highlight reel. The freshman's warmup dunks nearly brought the house down.

* The most noticeable impression made in the scrimmage was by Kris Lang. He's clearly put on added muscle, which he'll need to play center, and displayed some impressive post moves, jump hooks, and drilled a face-up jumper.

* The three freshmen were wired pretty tight during the scrimmage, showing signs of nervous excitement, though none of them were even remotely modest when it came to firing up shots. That confidence is a good sign, as the Heels will need big contributions from the freshman class this season.

* It can't be said enough: Neil Fingleton is big. The jaws hit the floor when he held the rim with his feet still on the ground. He showed off a nice hookshot, and while he's certainly going to be a work in progress, there were some promising signs on Friday night.

* It was fun, as always, meeting up with a lot of the IC message board posters, whether in the stands at Carmichael or afterwards at Hector's. Look forward to seeing you all again soon!

* There were unconfirmed reports that Clint Jackson was spotted in a sea of Carolina blue waving his UNC pom-pom.

* And, attention to No. 12 on the Carolina women's volleyball team: Clint wants you to give him a call ASAP.

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