UNC-UVa - Post game comments and pictures

Post game comments and pictures following the Carolina's victory over UVa, 30-24.

Coach John Bunting


"It is a sixty minute game, isn't it? Every minute of it, every second of it.  For the second week in a row we have to send our ‘hands' team out there to try to recover an onsides kick to try and win the football game." 


"It is an exciting play in football.  Unlike a lot of other sports, this football is oblong shape and the ball takes crazy bounces."


"They had a great kick from their kicker, a perfect kick.  We scrambled around and I think initially right off the bat the referee signaled it was ours – I didn't see it, I was wondering what was going to happen ‘til finally somebody told me it was ours."


"It is an exciting play in football -- I don't think it should have come down to that, but it did."


"I am really very, very pleased with the way our special teams played football today.  Huge challenge going in, the best special teams I have seen to date.  The way they play, they have fierce players doing very well on the returns and I think our guys met the challenge.  We are really excited about our young people, there are about three or four walk-on players out there playing on the kickoff unit doing a great job.  Best kickoff coverage we have had, and I am really excited about the way they played."


"Very excited about the way our offense played for the third week in a row in the second half. Tremendous job. Our offensive line probably played its best game of the season. I am really happy for them."


"Obviously our runner Andre' Williams is a tough back.  I have been telling you guys that for weeks.  He was able to finally break open a couple of plays, get a hole and hit it.  He is tough to bring down."


"I am sure he is extremely disappointed about the last fumble, as we all are, but obviously we can't focus in on that. That guy had a tremendous day for us kept us in the ball game."


"Defensively we got to figure this thing out and get back on track.  This is the second week in a row we have giving up way too many yards.  Three long drives --- that is not our defense.  We got to figure that out, make the corrections, fix the problems, stop the leaks."




Ronald Curry


On not playing the second half


"My Achilles was a little sore.  It was my time in the fourth quarter, but it was still a little tight, it had gotten worse.  I feel like I could have gone back out there, maybe I could have maybe I couldn't have. I didn't want to chance it. 


I understand the decision, it was a coaches' decision, Durant was playing well at the time."



Dexter Reid


On the interception


"I was closing in for the tackle first.  I think the quarterback threw the ball a little bit behind the tight end, he bobbled it a couple of times and I was able to get my hands on it."


"Other than the quarterback, who I saw in my peripheral, I was like ‘I can't let the quarterback tackle me,' then I seen Pep, Julius coming in to block the quarterback, so I was like, ‘I got to score.'"


On the improving Tar Heels


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