Ryan Moore Interview

Inside Carolina catches up with the swift WR, Ryan Moore...


  • Age: 17
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 189
  • 40-time: 4.36
  • TDs: 8 (through 7 games)
  • Vertical: 33
  • PPG in B'ball: 17
  • Rebounds: 3
  • Assists: 6
  • Favorites: FL, MIA, TN, UNC, SCAR. SoCal. All these schools are equal according to Ryan. Ryan says that he has narrowed his choices to these final six. He is in the process of setting up his official visits. Expect the official visits to occur in the December/January time frame with his decision to come on or around signing day.

    Inside Carolina: Ryan, which of your favorite schools is recruiting you the hardest?
    Ryan Moore: They are all recruiting me about the same. I'm getting calls about once per week from all my favorites.

    IC : Anything surprises you about recruiting?
    Moore: Just all the attention I have been getting. I didn't realize that teams would be this interested in me.

    IC: When did you realize that you would be a D-1 player?
    Moore: Probably at the beginning of this year.

    IC: Did you have a favorite college team growing up?
    Moore: No, I really didn't have a favorite growing up.

    IC: What do you like about North Carolina?
    Moore: I really like the atmosphere there. The coaching staff is down to earth and really seems to care about the players.

    IC: Have you been to Chapel Hill?
    Moore: Yes, I was there for the East Carolina game.

    IC: What did you think of the campus, the facilities and the stadium?
    Moore: Oh, I thought everything was really nice.

    IC: Is there anything that you do not like about North Carolina/Chapel Hill?
    Moore: The town was nice for a college town but I really like a bigger city. That is not a big concern though.

    IC: Who is recruiting you from North Carolina?
    Moore: Coach Brewer, the WR coach.

    IC: What are the most important things to you in choosing a school?
    Moore: I want to have a good coaching staff to work with and I want to be able to get along with them especially my position coach.

    IC: Does your family have a preference where you go?
    Moore: No, not really. They will support me wherever I choose to go.

    IC: How long has North Carolina been recruiting you?
    Moore: Since the spring.

    IC: How has your High School team done so far this year?
    Moore: Pretty good. We're 5-2.

    IC: When do you think that you might decide?
    Moore: Probably not until signing day.

    IC: Who is the best High School player that you have either played with or against?
    Moore: I would say Willie Green.

    IC: Have any of your family members ever played college football?
    Moore: My Dad played for Florida A&M.

    IC: Have your HS coaches given you any advice about recruiting?
    Moore: Well, they told me about certain coaches that were good to work with. They haven't said anything bad about anyone though.

    IC: Which do you like better, Football or Basketball?
    Moore: I like both about the same.

    IC: Is it important to you to try and play both in college?
    Moore: Yes, I would like to try and play both.

    IC: Would you play shooting guard in college?
    Moore: Yes.

    IC: Have you had an opportunity to talk to the basketball coaches at UNC?
    Moore: I talked to Coach Doherty when I visited for the East Carolina game.

    IC: What did he tell you about the possibility of playing basketball while on a football scholarship?
    Moore: He told me that he would love to have me try out.

    IC: Are you planning to try to attend a UNC basketball game on your official visit?
    Moore: Yes. Definitely.

    IC: Was part of the reason you were attracted to UNC because there are already two 2-sport athletes on the team now?
    Moore: Yes. It looks like the football and basketball programs are able to work well enough together so that two-sport athletes could have a chance to play both.

    IC: Ryan, what is the best part of your game?
    Moore: Probably my competitiveness.

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