UNC-GMU: Roy Williams PC

"You realize it's much easier to play George Mason after their youngster got hurt. Lamar Butler is a great shooter for them and I'm sure Coach Larranaga would have liked to have him for more than three minutes. I thought they had a whole bunch of them in the first half. The first half they made a bunch of shots and we were having difficulty guarding the shooter.

"The second half we made some good shots early; we got the ball inside to Sean, we got the ball inside Jawad. Rashad and Melvin started making some shots. It was one of those things when, I think, the second half just rolled much better for us. "

On Raymond Felton:
"I'm extremely happy for Raymond. I got on to him a bit at halftime because he had three turnovers in the first half. He didn't have any turnovers in the second half but it got to be an up and down tempo game and he really made some nice decisions. For us to have a youngster to have 18 assists, we're extremely happy with that. I told him there have been a lot of talented players to play here and they've never had 18 assists. "

On Rashad McCants:
"He banged his knee a little bit. I think he just some has some tendonitis. He'll be fine. I took him out and told him to start icing it right then."

On Sean May:
"I think Sean May have as good as hands as anybody I've ever coached. What I like is that he's trying to do the job on the defensive end and he's going after the ball. We've got to be a better rebounding team. Sean does give us that inside presence and if you have that inside presence then those guys shooting the three are a lot more open because they have to worry about Sean. "

On the player/coach relationship:
"I have fun a lot of times when they play well. I think we have a good relationship. I think the kids respect what I'm saying and how hard the whole staff is working. I feel comfortable with he kids; they're good kids. The junior class has had two rough years so I'm hoping they are enjoying this."

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