Calif. RB has offer and visit set with UNC

Mission Bay High in San Diego received a big bonus the summer before last when running back Arian Foster transferred in from New Mexico.

"I needed to improve my grades and my family doesn't have enough money to send me to college so I figured I'd come to Calif and live with my dad," said Foster, who stands 6-1, 205 and runs a 4.5-40. "I knew I could get more exposure for colleges by playing out here."

Arian was right. Now he's is getting a lot of exposure. So much exposure in fact that he has already received offers from Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon St and Oregon (his favorites) as well as Colorado, Colorado St, New Mexico and Arizona St.

Recruiting is funny though. Arian has all these fantastic offers yet neither San Diego St, UCLA nor USC have offered, or even recruited him.

"I can't explain why," says Foster. "I don't know. I'm not being recruited by any Calif schools. I might have considered UCLA but not USC. USC already has too many backs, guys like Reggie Bush."

Maybe the in-state schools just don't want to waste their time.

"I kind of want to leave California. I'm interested in traveling and broadening my knowledge of the country."

He's got official trips set to Oregon (1/16) and North Carolina (1/9) and has already visited Oregon St (10/31).

"Oregon St. was probably the first to offer me: Either them or Colorado St. The atmosphere and people at Oregon St. were great. Corvallis is a small town and the people are really into football there. It's all about football there.

"I really couldn't put any school in front of another now because they are the only school I've been to. So I have nothing to compare them to yet."

Arian says he plans to definitely set officials to West Virginia and Tennessee.

"These schools offered me the chance to play big-time football. North Carolina even said I could play early there.

"As a little kid I followed Nebraska and Oregon a little too. Nebraska isn't recruiting me but I probably wouldn't go there anyway. Oregon says they'll treat me well. I'll take all my visits before I decide."

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