Dean Smith on Norm Sloan's Passing

Dean Smith comments on the passing of former NC State Coach Norm Sloan ...

"What a great coach Norm Sloan was. Believe me, they were our main rivals when he was at NC State. His teams played extremely hard. Sure, we didn¹t always get along when we were rivals. But I was out at Mountain Glen playing golf with my friend, Bill Miller, a couple of years back and Norm came over and we had a good talk. We¹ve done that twice. Jo Ann, his wife, came over, too.

"He was always one of the great coaches we competed against. I mean that. His teams played as hard as they could possibly play."

What characterized his teams?

"Competitive. He¹s such a competitor. He passed that on to his players. They played hard, but they played smart, too. He ran it with an iron fist. That¹s why he was successful, every place he coached, at Florida twice, at NC State, and the national championship (in 1974) certainly was special.

"I know the NC State people feel down, and all of us should, but he had a great life and I'm just sorry it happened."

Is there one game that stands out?

"Probably any time we could defeat them was special, but one was when Dudley Bradley stole the ball and went down and dunked."

On his legacy in the ACC

"He's been a factor with Everett Case as a player and the years he coached at NC State. He¹s a bright man and was a great leader and that showed with his teams."

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