UNC-Akron: Roy Williams

Opening Remarks:

My comments will be very short. We were very lucky, and I'm hoping that we are all going to make the Dean's List because we must have spent all of our time studying like we are supposed to do. It's very disappointing--very, very disappointing. At the same time, I hate to say that because that's sort of a slap at Akron, and that's not what it's intended to be.

I felt like every aspect of the game--coaching, playing, everything--they did better than we did. We were very fortunate. We are more blessed in some ways with basketball players, but we can use this. We were lucky enough to win and we have another day to go practice. It was very disappointing.

How is Jackie?

Jackie, I should say, is the only bright spot as far as I was concerned. I thought he was the only person who showed a sense of urgency and was into it. He did not hurt his knee again; he hurt his ankle. The guy rolled into him. I was going to try to play him in the second half and put him in, but I had allowed it to get stiff. As soon as he went down, he started running back and looked like he was limping, so I took him out at that point. We are a little thin anyway, but whoever you have in there has got to play and do a better job of it than we did today, but I have to coach better also.

How much did their zone take you out of what you wanted to do? You got some of the shots you wanted, but they didn't go down.

Sean May is not going to shoot 3-18 very often. He had some great shots. We got a lot of shots that would should make but didn't. Again, that's a slap at Akron, and that's not what it's intended to be. We didn't play basketball the way we are capable of playing. We didn't have intensity; we didn't have concentration. A lot of things we didn't have today, but luckily we got a 'W' out of it.

Defense aside, how do you think you played?

We stunk. It was pathetic. We had two practices this week and the other four days we came in and shot free throws and jump shots and then let them go study. I should expect some slippage and I did.

What did you think about Sean's rebounds?

Twenty-one rebounds. I wouldn't even talk to him about that. I said some positive things about Jackie, but I didn't talk to the team hardly at all. I said some positive things about Jackie and then went back in and told him that 21 rebounds shows great effort, yet a lot of those rebounds were his own misses. You pad your rebound total, you hurt your field goal percentage.

How are you settling in, so to speak, getting into a routine at UNC?

I've settled in fine. That's not a question anymore. This wee was a tough week. We had two practices, and I went to three different states and watched games, and tried to do some other work. But I didn't have to take final exams. But the settling in part and adjustment has been made with the exception out on the court. That adjustment hasn't been made very well. If we don't play better than that, we have no hope against St. Mary's Sisters of the Blind. You can 'pathetic,' you can write 'pitiful,' you can write what the heck you want to write because whatever you write will be better than the game. It's one of the few times I'll tell you your articles will be better than I coached and we played. You've got a big day, today.

When's the last time you felt like that about the performance of a team you coached?

I'm sure there was a time when I coached ninth-grade football one year. The quarterback got down behind the guard, instead of behind the center. I felt sort of stupid at that point. That's the way I feel today. It's just a bad day, but some great things happened in the world. We got Saddam [Hussein]. I'd like to find one of those dad-gummed holes he was living in and go there for a little while myself.

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