UNC-WF: Roy Williams

CHAPEL Hill, N.C. -- Roy Williams addressed the media after his team's triple-overtime loss to Wake Forest.

Opening statement:

"It's a very disappointing game for us to say the least, and it's got to be exhilarating for Wake Forest. We want to congratulate Skip and his staff and their players. They have to have a phenomenal feeling right now to go through that experience and end up winning. It's one of the great things about college athletics is you do get to have those kinds of feelings. There's another side though because our feelings are not that good.

"Both teams kind of squandered some things from the free throw line. We had a two-point lead and a two-shot foul; we just didn't make the free throws. The one thing we have to do is pull together and make sure we're focusing on what's going right and what's going wrong with our team, not with each one of us.

"One of the things you have to do is learn how to win. Learning how to win means making the correct plays down the stretch. Learning how to win means doing all the little things and doing them to the best of your ability at the end. Learning how to win is playing with poise and making those plays regardless of the score or how much pressure somebody may be feeling."

On the unusual game:

"I don't think I've been involved in a triple overtime game as a head coach. I'll remember this one for the rest of my life. The quality of the play at times was really amazing - shots they made and shots we made."

On the decision-making:

"We didn't make some very good decisions. We're very thin to begin with and then to have to play a triple over time game. For Jawad to pull up and shoot a three under pressure in front of our bench is not a good shot. David Noel's three that went in was not a good shot, and then he went to take another one and it was not a good shot. That's what I'm talking about. We have to make the right plays under pressure."

On Sean May fouling out and the inside game:

"Sean is our one true legitimate post player so (him fouling out) was a big loss for us. David Noel and Jawad are trying but I credit Wake Forest, they did a better job of getting the ball inside, they had better spacing than we did. We were trying to get the ball inside to Sean and didn't have very good spacing. We tried to get it inside to Rashad one time and Chris Paul came in and deflected it because we didn't have very good spacing. Usually in a game like that somebody can make a three. But you can beat people from the inside out and we were not able to do that effectively.

"For us, particularly after Sean went out, we have a hard time scoring inside, so we still wanted to look to run and hoped we could get some penetration and kick outside. You have to be prepared for everything, but normally not for a 55-minute game."

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