Baker comes up short

Hutchinson (Kan.) Communtity College's Carlton Baker, a 6-foot-1, 240-pound linebacker with 4.6-speed was unsuccessful in his attempt to qualify academically at North Carolina. He had made a verbal commitment on Nov. 10 to play for the Tar Heels.

"He came up short," a source close to the UNC football program told Inside Carolina on Tuesday afternoon. "We're not going to lower our requirements. That's what you run into when you recruit JUCOs."

Baker knew it would be an uphill climb to make the grades necessary to attend UNC. But at the time of his commitment, he thought he had things in tow academically.

"With North Carolina's strict academics, they are higher than a lot of other schools," Baker told IC immediately following his commitment on Nov. 10. "I just have to do the work to play where I want to play.

"I have to pass all my classes before I can enroll," he said. "I am doing well in all but one class. I did not start off well in Sociology with football, but I spoke with my professor in there, and he knows that I am going to work hard to get my grades up in there."

Things didn't work out that way for Baker, however. Although he could still qualify to play at another Division I school (with different admission standards), it will not be at Carolina.

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