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Shammond Williams will be sidelined four weeks with a broken left ring finger, which he suffered last Thursday in an exhibition game against Sacramento.

Williams, who signed a contract extension with the Seattle SuperSonics several weeks ago, averaged 6.8 points and shot 46 percent on three-point attempts in 69 games last season.

Scott Williams was traded from Milwaukee to Denver yesterday in part of a three-way deal also involving Houston. The Bucks made the deal to free up salary cap room for free agent Anthony Mason.

"Psychologically it's miserable," Bucks head coach George Karl told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "I'm hurt by it. It's a bad day for me ... I can fight and argue against it, but I do respect it. I just wish we could have Scottie and Mason in the end, but I do respect that we are a small-market team and have to be careful with our money. "Scottie meant a lot to our team. He gave us a spirit. Scottie does things that Anthony Mason doesn't do. Mason is by far a better basketball player, but Scottie is an energy guy and an intangibles guy."

Williams averaged 6.1 points and 5.5 rebounds in 66 games last season.

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