UNC-CCU: Locker Room Report

David Noel

It looked like Reyshawn really gave you a lift tonight.

Yeah, he did. He played great tonight. He had a lot of offensive rebounds and put-backs, and he had some great moves in the post, things we've been working on all practice. I feel like he's getting more comfortable with the offense, and he's coming along just like we thought he would.

Has his improvement been pretty steady?

We worked on dummy offense and things like that and just being together as a group. He's made a big jump.

Was it good to see how you'd respond without Sean and Jawad tonight?

Yeah, definitely. I can't say it's good to play without them, but I felt like we responded great. We didn't have two of our leading scorers, and guys stepped up and did what they had to do to get us the win.

Do you think the team got better tonight?

I think we did a great job of getting better. Reyshawn Terry came along tonight and did his part in the offense. Rashad had a big game, just like always, and other guys contributed in this win. I felt like it was a team effort tonight, and we did a great job.

Justin Bohlander

Was this a good test for some of the guys who don't usually play as much as they did tonight?

Yes, but I guess we had a different role than usual. We just wanted to go out and get the job done.

What did it feel like starting tonight? Did you have a different mind-set?

I felt a little nervous, at first. But once they call your name and you get out there, it just kind of goes a way and you play.

Will tonight's significant minutes help you should you have to play more than usual against Kentucky?

Definitely. The more exposure and time out there, the more you learn. It will help us all to get more time.

You broke on the ball and got a steal there, and I thought we were going to see a thunder dunk from you. Did you just not get your steps right and have to lay it up?

(Grinning sheepishly and chuckling) Actually, my legs just kind of gave way when I went up.

Were the guys giving you a hard time on the bench?

Oh, they will. They'll give me plenty.

Reyshawn Terry

Is this a performance that you can build upon?

Yes. I'm going to work hard every day. I know there is always room for corrections, so I have to keep working hard and do what Coach says to do.

What helpe you to get in the flow tonight?

Just going out there losing myself in the game and not worrying about making mistakes and just playing.

It looked like being out there for a significant amount of time helped you get into more of a rhythm tonight. Is that the case?

Yes, I definitely think if I'm out there for a [significant] amount of time I can get into a rhythm and play my game and let it come to me.

What's been the key for you to getting comfortable with the college game?

Just don't worry about making mistakes. Just go out and play your game. You are going to make mistakes, but you can't worry about it; you have to keep going.

Jawad Williams

Firstly, what were your thoughts watching the game from the sidelines?

I think they did a great job out there. Guys really stepped up tonight. Rashad had a big night and the other guys followed. Everyone played their part.

Is there any way you could have played tonight if they had needed you?

If it was up to me, I would have played, regardless of who we played, but they wouldn't let me.

What is the projection for the rest of the week? Is it day-to-day?

So far. It's just day-to-day. I'll have to see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow morning.

Have you been cleared for tomorrow yet?

Not quite. Finally, I can shoot free throws and do something, though.

So you did that today?

No, I've done none of that.

How does your head feel? Have you slept better since the first night?

I've slept a little better, but now it's like a constant head ache.

So are you saying that you shouldn't have gone back into the game on Sunday? You told me that you were woozy and couldn't remember some of the plays--that you had to ask Sean what you were supposed to do.

At that moment I was fine--or I had a few lapses or whatever. But as time went on it got even worse because I didn't even realize what happened to me.

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