Clint's Notebook: Monta Ellis

Get a closer look at Carolina's hoops targets by reading straight from the notebook of <i>Inside Carolina</i> recruiting analyst Clint Jackson. In this edition - 2005 guard Monta Ellis.

6'4, 165
Jackson (Miss.) Lanier

This guy has talent. Love his lanky frame, long arms and quick feet. What you'll really notice about Ellis is that he understands how to get his shot off and he has VERY quick feet and utilizes them to get to the basket. Nice athlete who seems to glide down the floor as if he's on roller skates. Has a bag of tricks at his disposal to keep defenders off balance. Nice burst on his first step.

Nice leaper who finishes plays near the rim. Aggressive scorer who can and will put up points on the next level. Love his range. He shoots the three with ease and launches them from out to about 25-27 feet. His shot doesn't have the best looking rotation but it's on target. He's shot the ball well when we've observed him. It's hard to defend a guard like Ellis because he has the one-on-one moves as well as the jumper that has to be respected.

As a defender, he seems to play hard in spurts. At least, that's what we've noticed from the games that we've observed him. Can run the point, but may project as more of a scoring guard than a natural point. Puts zip on his passes and likes to utilize the bounce pass on the break (which not many guards seem to use).

Ellis is a tall guard with a nice frame and long arms. Sure, he's a little on the skinny side, but his wide shoulders and long arms are very appealing when you look at how much room he has to grow. He's a legit 6-3 1/2 and maybe 6-4. Big time guard who oozes scoring ability. Needs improvement on ball movement and has occasional lapses in defensive intensity.


"Monta plays tough. He's so smooth. He can play anywhere I put him. He's so athletic and shoots it well. He really puts up the points." -- Lanier coach Thomas Billups

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