UNC-UK: Roy Williams Quotes

UNC head coach Roy Williams addresses the media following the game ...

"I love college basketball and the kids that play college basketball. The feeling that Gerald Fitch must have right now is a feeling that everyone wishes they could have. It was a great college basketball game from a competitiveness standpoint; it was not a great college basketball game in how pretty it was and how well it was played, necessarily. Neither team is very pretty in most situations anyway. It was a very competitive, hard fought game with the kids trying their best.

For us, it's disheartening to say the least.We've had two games with the Wake Forest game and t oday's game that were real battles, and we came out on the short end of both of them. It feels a heck of a lot better in the locker room, even if you play poorly, if you win.

I was extremely proud of a lot of guys that normally don't play many minutes for us. They came in and kept us in the game for a long time when some of the other players who get all the accolades weren't playing very well. For us to cut it to one and have a chance, except for them to hit a 30-foot shot, gives me some hope, I guess, and makes me very proud of my team."

[On UNC's overall play]
"We didn't look like a very well-coached team out there today. That's very hard for a coach to say, but I didn't feel like we were very well-caoched today, and that's my responsibility."

[On Melvin Scott's only taking one 3 pointer in second half]
"At halftime he got his hand taped because he got his hand cut or something. I didn't like that very much because it made me think he was thinking about his hand instead of playing basketball. They did a better job of finding him in the second half. I know they were running at him a little bit harder in the second half."

[On Williams and May's injuries.]
"I could say that Wiliams and May didn't practice this week, but that's just a bunch of excuses. At the end of the year it counts as a game, win or lose. I would've liked to have had them practice more this week, but that's just excuses."

[On Fitch's shot]
"We were trying to guard our own man and we didn't get back to Fitch quickly enough after the ball came in bounds. They set a nice screen and Jackie was a little late getting out to him. Sean May and Jackie Manuel were running at him, so he had a 6-6 and a 6-8 guy running at him, but he made the play. No matter how important us coaches want to think we are, in the end it comes down to players making plays on game day, and that youngster made a big one."

[On whether UNC-UK series will be extended past the next two years.]
"I don't have the vaguest idea. I'm worried about if I'm going to jump out of the plane on the way home. I don't know if I'm going to live past two more years. Tubby is one of the greatest friends I have in coaching, one of the guys I respect the most of anyone in coaching. Kentucky's a great program and North Carolina's a great program. I haven't given it a second of thought. I'm worried about us playing defense, I'm not worried about what's going to happen two years from now. I better have a seatbelt on on the plane ride home."

[on the substitutions in 2nd half]
"I was frustrated, very frustrated. I've been fortunate, spoiled rotten, the past several years, coaching has been an easy gig. Right now it's as frustrating as I've even been in my life."

[on Daniels taking over in 2nd half]
"He's a really good player. He was more assertive in the 2nd half. But you know in the 2nd half, our defense, I'm sitting here in the back of my brain trying to figure out how we came so close. I mean, I really am, because we were friggin' awful."

[on the early mass substitutions]
"I love those kids. There's not a single one of those kids that was highly recruited. What they did is they tried to pay attention to detail."

[final comments]
"It's not supposed to be easy. Sometime we act like things are supposed to be given to us. We don't want to just hope we're going to win, we want to make something happen. I get tired of hoping the other team is going to screw it up. It's the most frustrating thing I've ever been around, hoping somebody's going to screw it up. That's what we're supposed to do, make something happen."

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