Thomas cleared to return

At the time, it was a terribly scary sight and reason for serious concern. In the second quarter of Oakland Tech's Dec. 29 game in the Cordova Christmas Classic, Quentin Thomas fell to the floor with an injury to his right knee and was taken to the locker room on a stretcher.

And as if there wasn't reason enough for concern at this sight, add to the fact that Thomas had surgery on the same knee a year and a half ago.

"His mother and father were there, and he kept telling his dad that he couldn't bend the leg," Oakland Tech AD Karen Jones said.

After a doctor's evaluation, in which the X-rays were negative, the fears subsided.

"It's not as serious as we thought," Thomas' mother, Loretta, told the local newspapers later in the week. "The doctors said it's just a pulled muscle on the side of his knee. The doctor said he just needs to rest his leg. We'll have him see his surgeon next week, though, because we want to do things right.

Considering the knee surgery a couple years back, Thomas took every precaution to make sure he didn't return to the court until he was 100 percent.

So, he was sidelined from practices and games for a week.

"It wasn't anything that required medical attention, he just sat out as a precaution," Jones said. "We didn't want to do anything that could even potentially cause a problem."

And now Thomas has returned to the practice court and will rejoin the team for its Saturday evening game at Foothill HS.

"He's been practicing without trouble and has been fully cleared to play, so no one should worry about it," Jones said.

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