Q&A with J.R. Smith

CHESAPEAKE, Va. -- After his 28-point, 12-rebound performance at the Battle of the Bay, J.R. Smith took a few minutes to talk to <i>Inside Carolina</i> amidst the postgame bedlam.

IC - After being in SLAM Magazine, which seems to be a goal for a lot of high school kids, college kids and sometimes even the pro ballers, what's next?

JR - "Sports Illustrated, I hope."

IC - How do you feel about your chances of being a McDonalds All-American?

JR -- "I feels good. Some people say that I'm definitely a contender."

IC - Have you ever had your vertical measured?

JR - No. Never have. I don't know what it is."

IC - What aspects of your game, do you feel sets you apart from the other good players in your class?

JR - "I'd say my handle and being someone who can shoot the ball. Being real athletic."

IC - Has Coach Williams talked about what your role is going to be on next year's team?

JR - "He wants me to play on the wing. He tells me to work on my defense, keep handling the ball and keep shooting."

IC - Do you talk with him often? How do those conversations go?

JR - "He always asks me how my defense is coming along. He ALWAYS asks about my defense."

IC - On the academic side -- how's that coming? Do you feel that you're going to qualify?

JR - "Well, right now, it's a good chance that I qualify. Right now I'm waiting on my last test score. I'm going to definitely take it again in January. So, hopefully, I'll make it."

IC - Are you getting excited about Carolina?

JR - "Definitely, I can't wait."

IC - Talk about it. What are you excited about?

JR - "Oh man. It's just a great campus and a great school -- rich in tradition. All of the great players that came out of there ended up being great pros. Especially the wings. And playing for Coach Williams is one of the biggest things that I've ever wanted. Every time we go out on the floor, we can win. There are no individuals. It's a team."

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