Pressley talks about visit to Carolina

All-American defensive tackle Demario Pressley return from his Carolina visit on Sunday. He went with his family and two of his teammates (Martel Thatch and Jamaal Edwards).

"It was fun. It was real fun," he said. "My player host was Isaiah Thomas. We knew each other from before. He played against us in high school and I also knew him from camp at Carolina. He showed us around town.

"I hung out with Isaiah, my boy Martel Thatch who has already committed to Carolina, Mahlon Carey, Kareen Taylor (Martel's player host), and Larry Edwards."

Pressley visited North Carolina State in December -- so, how did the two visits compare?

"I would say that the Carolina visit was more focused on academics. That was a good thing because I felt like I learned a lot about the school. My family also had opportunity to check the academic side of things out."

Did Demario commit or does he have a leader?

"No I did not commit and I'm trying to keep from naming a leader until after all my visits are completed," he said

Did the visit enhance Carolina's chances at Demario?

"Carolina did not need enhancing," Pressley said. "They were already up there. I have been to Chapel Hill many times before. The visit certainly did not hurt their chances, that's for sure."

Demario has Florida State and Oklahoma State still to visit before he reaches a decision.

"I am going to try and keep everyone equal until after I make all my visits. I'll decide after that," he said.

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