Goddard comments on visit

Trimane Goddard, rated the No. 9 cornerback by <I>TheInsiders.com</I>, visited North Carolina on a cold first weekend in January. Mike Mason was Goddard's player host.

"Mike and I have known each other for awhile," Goddard said. "We used to go to the same camps back when he was in high school. The best part of the visit for me was hanging out with Mike and some of the other guys. We talked a lot. He told me that I should choose the school that makes me happy. That I should go where my heart tells me to go."

Goddard had previously visited Virginia. How did the Carolina visit compare to Virginia?

"They were both really good visits. I would have a hard time saying which one was better. They did some nice things at Carolina like having our names announced on the loudspeaker at the stadium. There was fireworks and stuff. Things that made you feel special as a player."

Goddard also had the chance to meet the new Carolina defensive coordinator.

"He seemed like a cool guy," he said. "He talked a little with three of us that were visiting."

At the end of his visit, Goddard sat down to talk with Carolina head coach John Bunting.

"Coach Bunting just told me how much they really wanted me in Chapel Hill," he said. "I only just smiled back. I want to take all my visits before I commit or even name any favorites. You can say that I am still all even."

Goddard has visits to Tennessee and Florida State remaining before he will announce his decision.

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