UNC-GT: Roy Williams Quotes

UNC coach addresses the media following the game...

Opening statement:
Great game. I like what our kids did, I like how competitive we were. We talked about how our effort had to match theirs. We couldn't have any loss on the effort points. We talked about one thing on the defensive end and that was a sense of urgency on everything we could do and try to eliminate their second shots. We had a very hard time guarding the dribble. Jarrett Jack was a load. We had a hard time staying in front of him. We felt like some of those times we were going to get charging calls, but it wasn't, we got blocks. So that made it difficult for guys to stay in. Offensively the thing we were trying to do was attack. Attack and make good decisions when we got down there and make good passes. I felt in the first half, we played about the first 14 minutes and then in the last six minutes we were just sort of hanging on and we lost our intensity. They made a little run in the second half and cut it to nine or ten, and then I think we scored on the next three possessions. After that I think it was just how many guys were still going to be in there at the end. They had some guys foul out, we had some guys foul out. And it was difficult for us playing without Jawad. They have a big-time basketball team. I really like their team. I think Paul has done a great job. I'm not just saying that to make us look better, I thought we had to play by far our best game of the year or we wouldn't have won tonight, and I think that by far this was our best game of the year.

On Jawad Williams' injury:
Basically they don't know. They don't know if his nose is broken or not. I guess you have to take x-rays to find that out. He's a little groggy right now, I have no way of knowing right now. I guess we will know more tomorrow afternoon, but it doesn't look good now.

On whether the team is starting to play like he wants:
Well we are doing better, but we just made some silly turnovers. You guys saw it. We will just do some of the craziest things in the world. It's a work in progress. We are trying to get better. We have got to do a better job guarding the basketball. Melvin and Raymond have great quickness and should be able to do a better job guarding the basketball. But Jarrett Jack is a load, he is hard to cover.

On Raymond Felton's overall play:
I thought it was Raymond's best game of the year. He was more aggressive and he had a 7-0 assist-to-turnover ratio in the first half, 9-2 for the game. I thought Sean May was big time for us and I felt like Raymond was big time for us. In the first half I thought Jackie Manuel was big for us. I'll tell you something that surprised me: I felt Rashad McCants' defensive play in the first half, I told him it was the best defense he's ever dreamed, much less played. I thought he was big for us.

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