UNC-GT: Paul Hewitt quotes

Ga. Tech coach addressed the media following the game...

Opening statement:
I want to congratulate North Carolina on what I think was a pretty hard fought basketball game. We made several runs at them after that initial punch they threw at us. We made several runs at them but they didn't crack. I thought Raymond Felton's ability to score 25 points and handle the ball and creatre easy shots for his team was a big thing, and I think Sean May played great for them. I'm sure it's not the prettiest thing you've ever seen, but I thought our guys, after being down early, really battled, and they had several chances to get back in the game. But we made some mistakes that were uncharacteristic and I know this team is better than that. We are not going to make these mistakes much longer. I believe the players and coaches have been given a lot of credit; they played tough. Every time we made a run they sent us back the other way.

On his team's turnovers and Carolina's ability to score in the paint:
We just screwed up. We were sloppy with the ball. I think it was a combination of Sean May being a very talented inside scorer and think our guys need to do a better job fighting for inside position. May is very crafty and he has great feet.

Was Tech rattled?
When you come into this environment, a lot of teams are going to get down early. You have to expect that but I expected us to make our run back at them. But we made some silly plays that I didn't expect us to make which included turnovers and some silly fouls. Late in the half we had a chance to cut the score to 11 and we missed two free throws, then came down the court and fouled [May]. It's puzzling stuff. I know we are good. We are very, very good. It's one game and we are early in the ACC season and we just have to get ready for Virginia.

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