John Gutekunst Quotes

John Gutekunst talks to the media after being announced as North Carolina's new defensive coordinator.

Opening statement:
I'm very happy at this time. This is semi-home to me and is a school that I've always admired because it has core values. It knows how to try to excel and be the best and not compromise those values. I hope I can do the job that Coach Bunting expects me to do.

I've always admired North Carolina from a distance and you can't always say that as Duke graduate, but honestly I did. I worked for Coach Dooley and many of the coaches that were there under him for a long time.

On his coaching philosophy:
I believe in fundamentals. I've never been locked into one pure scheme ... In today's football I think you've got to try to disguise coverages for the quarterback and make some reads after the ball is snapped. It's always going to get down to having great unity, toughness and fundaments. I think young people still have to learn to play this game no matter what the recruiting services tell you. Everybody's been all-state in this league.

I what he wants to improve at Carolina, etc.:
I've watched a lot of tape. In fact, I've probably watched more than in any other situation prior to being there. I normally don't like to do that because you have tendency to prejudge kids. This isn't pro football and you don't release people, and I don't think you judge kids. From what I saw, I thought they worked hard. The coaches worked hard to get them to make some negative yardage plays ... I think the biggest thing is you win with players. I don't know many players that want to go to college to be a poor player. You make assumptions with them. The first assumption is they want to graduate, second is they want to be a great player, third is that the want to win and fourth is that they're a good person. If I'm wrong in those assumptions then you have trouble with that player. But if I'm not - and I think most kids want to those things - then it comes down to teaching and setting expectations and giving them a method and motivation to reach them.

On his previous relationship with Coach Bunting:
I really didn't know him other than growing up around Philadelphia, I was an Eagles fan and that sort of stays with you until you get older and you have players and friends you've coached with with various teams. The biggest thing was I remember the intensity with which he played at the University of North Carolina and I remember the fondness that Coach Dooley had for him as a complete person and player.

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