Can Heels sway Jackson?

Corona Centennial (Ca) RB Terrell Jackson has narrowed his focus to Arizona St (10/3), Oregon (12/5) and California (1/9). "I'll decide and probably make a commitment when I get back from my North Carolina trip this upcoming weekend," said Jackson. "I'll give them a fair shot, even though I'm probably going to Cal, Oregon or ASU."

Quotes from Terrell Jackson ...

"The college atmosphere at Arizona St is something I really liked. And I have a former teammate (Terry Richardson) who goes there who is like a brother to me

"Coach Koetter is a really good coach too. He has a great offensive mind and will be an NFL coach someday.

"Oregon has a tradition over the last 10 years of winning. They just need a great RB to take them to the next level. And coach Tedford and Koetter both came from Oregon. So they must be doing something right.

"Coach Bellotti is all about character. He is a real players' coach and all his players love him. He'll be at my house soon after I get back from North Carolina.

"Cal would give me a great education. A degree from there sets you up for life. Coach Tedford is another great offensive mind, like Koetter. But it's the education that really sets Cal apart.

"I don't know who I'll choose between ASU, Cal or Oregon. Well, I might have an idea. I thought about committing to them today. I was close, but I decided to go on my North Carolina trip.

"You'll just have to stay tuned for my decision. I can't say some things that would get out on the Internet. Then I'd get a bunch of calls from coaches, asking me if it's true that I like another school more. It's crazy."

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