Blue/White Postgame: Neil Fingleton

Neil Fingleton

What did you do best tonight?

"I don't know what I did best. I just wanted to get out and run the floor and be big in the middle, and whatever else happened just happened. The offense stuff is just extra points right now."

Do you think you made any mistakes?

"Yeah, I feel there were a few mistakes. A few times on defense, I probably could have boxed out a little better, but I think that all comes with just playing and having good practices and getting used to it."

How do you feel your conditioning is, and how did you feel running up and down the court?

"I felt OK. It was tough, because this is the first time I've played in a full game in two years now. It's good to get out there and start playing again. I felt pretty good when the game first started, and then I came out, had a little break, and got back in. I felt pretty good."

How far have you come in your conditioning since last year?

"I've come far. I couldn't really do a lot last year. Back surgery is a big thing. I just wasn't the same. I'm starting to feel better again, and my conditioning is getting better, has gotten better, and I think it will get better. There's always room for improvement."

Did you notice that you got a round of applause from the fans when they went to the bench?

"Yeah, I did notice that. It made me feel good. It made me feel good."

Now that you've been here for a year, what does "Carolina Basketball" mean to you now versus what it meant before you ever showed up in Chapel Hill?

"I understand the tradition more now, being a part of it. It's a great honor to play here, and there are so many things about this place that are better than any other school. I don't know what it is—maybe the name Carolina."

It's a pretty cool place to play basketball, given how much everybody loves it here.

"It's got it's up's and down's. You're in a big spotlight here. Everybody takes it seriously—takes it to heart. I guess, when Carolina loses, it's like a death in the family or something. It's definitely heart and soul."

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