UNC-Maryland: Roy Williams quotes

The Tar Heels coach addressed the media following the game...

Opening remarks:
"We fought back and got the scored tied, but then we missed four of our next five shots. Raymond missed a tough one in front of our bench and then they broke out with a layup on the other end. We don't get back and stop and we never got the score tied again after that.

"The kids kept fighting. It's unfortunate that some people are going to make a big deal out of that play at the end. What Rashad did was just a reaction and there is nothing wrong with that. He's supposed to be denying the ball coming in bounds, and I don't know how you determine if that guy stepped over the line or not. It wasn't the best scenario in the world, but I really thought if we could stop them from getting the ball in bounds there, we would win the daggum game. But we didn't get the five-second count or get it stopped from going in. It's unfortunate it ended the way that it did, but that's just one play out of thousands.

"They were really focused on getting the ball to Jamar Smith. We didn't do a good job of guarding him. I think its one of the first times all year that the other team has gone to the free throw line significantly more than we did.

"It bothered us a great deal. I did a poor job of coaching, and we didn't guard them."

How big was Jamar Smith's play?
"It was real big. I think he's their leading scorer, but I'm not positive. Getting it to him was a focus for them. Jawad, trying to play with the mask on, misses a dead layup. He just lost focus of the rim, so we were short man-wise. I'm assuming they want to try to get the ball to the man whose their leading scorer to begin with, because that could get us in foul trouble and it did. It was a problem for us. But you've got to play, and whoever is out there in a Carolina uniform has got to do their best."

When did you know that Jawad was going to play?
"Yesterday afternoon. The doctors finished the tests, and they said he was a lot better than he was the day before. They then made the determination at that time that he had not had another concussion. He had severe headaches because of a broken nose. They said he could play today if he felt comfortable, but that he would have to wear a mask. He also had to wear a mouthpiece. He wasn't comfortable with either one of them. He practiced yesterday and I had to make a decision whether or not he would be effective. I thought it was better to take a little stress off of him and start David, but I also told Jawad it all depended on how well he shot in pre-game warm-ups.

"I thought David fought his rear end off and did some things, but he doesn't have as much experience as Jawad does. It would be nice to have both of them healthy, but the bottom line is that we didn't."

On not turning turnovers into points:
"We made bad decisions on the break. Give Maryland's defense some credit, because they were able to sprint back on defense and stop our break sometimes. They were able to make us have to score over their hands. I thought that was a key for us…our inability to make good decisions on the break when we did have opportunities. We had to work for our points, and they got some of theirs a lot easier than we did."

Was their ability to crank up the defense what they did or was it your guys?
"I think it was a little bit of both. Tied at 78 we had a wide-open three and we missed it. We got it inside one time and we missed it.

"At the same time, they're good on defense. Gary works hard on defense and his kids take pride in doing that. The reason they hold opponents to [a low field goal percentage] from the field is not because you miss all the time, but because they guard you."

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