UNC-Maryland: Locker Room Report

Sean May, Jackie Manuel, David Noel and Raymond Felton answered questions following the game ...

Sean May

"I played like a big baby out there. I knew Jamar Smith was good; he's a great player. He did what he had to do to help his team win and I didn't. I certainly didn't expect to come up here and play like a true freshman."

"I didn't accomplish anything out there. That's the way I looked. Unfortunately for my teammates, they suffered from my inconsistent play."

"I knew all along we had a chance, but down the stretch we just didn't make shots. They had a couple of breakaway layups – off my missed free throw – and they hit their free throws. We were right there. As bad as we played, we were still right there at the end with a chance to win the game."

Jackie Manuel

"Mostly it was just us. It wasn't the pressure or anything."

"We did hit the boards, but on the other end, we didn't box out. Even though we would get a rebound, we didn't make the basket, while they were getting their rebounds and putting it back in. It's something we've got to go back and look at film on basically."

"I was thinking we were going to win – always. I don't doubt myself or my teammates. When it was tied, I thought we were going to win."

David Noel

"I got a lot of stupid fouls like reaching in. I basically put myself in a bad position where I couldn't play as physical as I wanted to, and that caused me to play tentative. Then when I was playing tentative, I ended up fouling again. That's when I fouled out, so I can't explain it.

"Jamar Smith played a great game. He wanted it and he did what he had to do to help his team win. That's the bottom line right there."

Raymond Felton

"We weren't aggressive. We didn't box out and that hurt us. We've just got to play harder. That's all it is."

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