Hall prepares for busy weekend

Marque Hall will visit Chapel Hill this Friday followed immediately by a visit to Raleigh starting on Sunday. Hall is trying to stay patient during this busy time in the recruiting year.

"The hardest part, at least the most stressful part, of recruiting is trying to stay happy during all these calls," he said. "I get calls from coaches and internet services almost every night. I also get visits from all the different coaching staffs. Coach Amato was here today. Coach Brooks and the UNC coaches have visited me in the past week."

In addition to recruiting, Hall will have track and field (shot and discus) to focus on during the spring semester.

He has official visits left with North Carolina, North Carolina State, Tennessee, and Virginia Tech.

"I'm really waiting to take all my visits before I start narrowing things down. How I get along with the other players is important to me. I heard that Trimane Goddard has committed to UNC but we weren't that close at the Shrine Bowl so I don't think that will influence me much."

Some people have suggested that perhaps Hall would not be interested in playing with the other outstanding defensive tackle prospect in North Carolina, Demario Pressley.

"That is not true. I wouldn't mind playing with him," he said. "You know how the internet is. Things always seem to pop up out of nowhere. I just want teammates that I can connect with."

Hall has talked with UNC coaches about his upcoming visit to Carolina.

"I know they have big plans for me. As far as what Carolina has to offer, I know that I will have the opportunity to play early there."

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