Louis Williams commits to Georgia

Jan. 16, 2004, will go down as the greatest day in the history of the Georgia basketball team in terms of recruiting. The new era of Georgia basketball kicked off with Mike Mercer's commitment and was followed 20 minutes later by none other than teammate Louis Williams.

I just got off the phone with Coach Felton a few minutes ago and he said it was the best day of his life," South Gwinnett head coach Roger Fleetwood said minutes after Louis Williams, a 6-3 junior shooting guard, committed to Georgia. Williams' commitment was the second of the day to the Bulldogs and the second South Gwinnett player of the morning to pledge allegiance to Dennis Felton.

"I just woke up and decided to do it," Williams said of the commitment. "[Mercer] did it last night and I just followed his lead."

The pair, close friends and nearly inseparable in basketball circles, has known for a while that this day would come. It just so happened that Jan. 16 was the day for a new era in Georgia hoops to begin.

"We actually [decided to commit] a long time ago," Williams said. "We didn't want to put our names in too early but not too late. We just decided to do it halfway through our junior year."

Williams is averaging 27 points a game and is regarded as one of the elite scoring guards in high school basketball. Mike Mercer checks in at 18 and has emerged as one of the top PGs in his class.

Their chemistry has been evident in every setting, either AAU or high school. "I don't think I'll find too many guys who feed me the ball in the ways that "Merce" can. It's like magic … its clockwork."

For Georgia, this is a huge day. In the history of their program they may not ever encounter a day of this magnitude. "I think it's real important for the University of Georgia," Williams said. "It gives us two big guards and now it gives them an opportunity to go out and recruit some big guys to play with us."

It also gives the Bulldogs a whole lot of momentum on the recruiting trail.

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